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Stay Positive: An Open Letter to “Low” Subscriber YouTube Channels

I was talking with a friend about his YouTube channel and he prefaced the conversation with “My channel is really crummy – I only have about 2000 subscribers…”

I was blown away. ONLY 2000?

In February of 2014 on a muggy Saturday morning, 2000 people gathered at Ford Field in Detroit for Yoga. That’s what’s pictured in the image above.

Click the picture to get a better view. Really take it in. That is what 2000 people looks like – enough to fill a football field. Now, how many subscribers do you have? If that many people came out to see you perform at a live show EVERY TIME you performed a show, would you still feel small and crummy? Any fledgling musician, poet or stand-up comic would kill for a turnout like that to even ONE of their shows.

Theodore Roosevelt once said that “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Those are words every up-and-coming YouTuber needs to take to heart. You aren’t competing with anyone but yourself on YouTube – your only goal/objective with each new video is to make content that you love. Subscribers/viewers will filter in naturally.

If you start feeling frustrated that your channel isn’t taking off, stop and think about the picture above. When you view people as numbers or statistics it’s easy to forget that they’re people. Whatever number of subscribers your have, those are all real-life individual people who like YOU. Do you have 50 subs? That’s amazing. I don’t even have 15 people who like me in real life! When you give up on your channel, it’s like you’re walking off stage in front of all those people. Don’t give up and keep making content you’re proud of. View every video like a rock-show and bring your all to as many people as you can. It may or may not always result in more fans, but you rocked the people who were there supporting you and that’s what matters.


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Jovan Dojcinovic

Thank you for giving me more hope for growing my channel. I love doing song covers so much, I even make my own tracks for them! I know that one day I’ll reach major heights on YouTube, and Tim, you’ve given me that extra push. I’ve always loved watching you on DominicFear, I have been watching Dom’s stuff since Kenny Bassender. Thank you for taking your time to write this for people like us, Tim. You’re awesome!

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