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Lack of Transparency in Advertising Strikes Traditional Marketing: ANA Report Results

  Earlier this month, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) completed their investigation of ad agencies in the U.S., taking a closer look at agency practices around the country. The investigation examined some of the biggest players in the space, like Omnicom Group and Interpublic Group, and revealed many practices commonly occurring in the advertising space …

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Sponsorships: Quality vs. Quantity

Sponsorships: Quality vs. Quantity: In the world of YouTube, it is important to always be mindful of the content you’re publishing on your channel. Many creators face the ongoing battle of remaining organic/authentic and taking on brand deals without over saturating your content with sponsored posts. It surely is a fine line to walk but finding that balance is what …

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You’re booked on a campaign! What’s next?

You’re booked on a campaign- AMAZING! Congrats! This is a huge moment, only 5% of creators have their proposals accepted. We’re so proud of you! But wait, now what? There is an important little checklist to keep in mind once you’re booked on a campaign to ensure that you’re meeting the requirements of the campaign. Don’t be afraid …

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