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Common Ways To Deal with YouTube Sponsorship Haters

As more YouTubers turn to YouTube sponsorships for their channel a new breed of haters are being spawned: the YouTube sponsorship haters. It’s important to understand your audience’s tolerance level with YouTube sponsorships, but when a small number of non-constructive viewers are routinely rude about the way you make a living it can becomes a serious issue. If …

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YouTube Sponsorships: 3 Lessons to Learn from Dude Perfect, devinsupertramp, and EvanTubeHD

YouTube sponsorships can be awesome monetary investments in your channel. BUT, if you think your brand sponsorship is only worth the number written on your paycheck, think again. YouTube sponsorship deals can be much more than financial support when approached the right way. Here’s 3 lessons on YouTube sponsorships that will help you get the most from your next sponsorship deal. …

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