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MissMikaylaG: Grapevine Community Spotlight

Have you heard of the YouTube sensation MissMikaylaG? Her bubbly personality shines throughout her channel and we’ve become addicted to her amazing content. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with her and she is nothing less than a giant ball of energy! Let’s get to know MissMikalyaG in this week’s Community Spotlight.

MissMikaylaGWhat inspired you to get into YouTube?

I’ve been watching YouTube videos for over five years now and I honestly just became addicted. Addicted to watching videos as well as makeup, and I just decided one day that I wanted to create my own channel. I already had basic editing and filming skills as well as tons of on camera experience so it just felt like the right thing to do!

What is something your subbies might not know about you?
My subbies may not know that I actually went to school for Television Broadcast where I learned how to produce, direct, light, operate a camera, edit etc. It was super interesting and definitely helped me out with my YouTube channel!

How do you balance other responsibilities and running a YouTube channel?

When I was in college it was pretty hard to balance everything, but having a schedule kept me very focused. Even now I think having a schedule and setting goals for yourself is really important. I like to plan my content well in advance in case other things pop-up that need to take priority. I just like to be safe and plan ahead!

How has your content changed since you started your YouTube channel?

My content has changed quite drastically. I used to create full-on “OG beauty guru videos” but oveScreen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.37.51 PMr the past four years times have changed and I’ve had to adapt. Now I incorporate more lifestyle, DIYs, life hacks and food testing videos into the mix but I think beauty videos will always be my favorite to film!

What do you think your subscribers would say if we asked them why they’re subscribed to you?

I think a lot of them would say they like the way I film and edit my videos. I get those comments a lot on my channel and I really appreciate it because I do work hard on that aspect of my videos.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting a YouTube channel?

Do it yesterday! There are so many content creators out there now and I think the one thing I wish I could change about my channel is that I started earlier. Also, be consistent! I think thats super important too.

Any big plans for this year? What are your channel goals?

The only plans I have coming up are to attend BeautyCon LA next month which I’m really looking forward to! As for my channel goals I would love to reach 200K subscribers by my birthday in October.


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