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The Thing About MassChallenge…

When you step onto the 6th floor of 21 Drydock Ave, it feels more like you’ve stumbled onto an art collective than a business space. Colorful conference rooms named after tropical fruits and precious gems, bespectacled young go-getters in skinny jeans and kilts wandering the halls, angular furniture reminiscent of giant wedges of cheese – it’s not your typical office space. Actually, the floor is re-purposed industrial space; they used to build tanks here. Now, MassChallenge is fitting infant companies with the tread they need to handle the rough terrain of the business world.

Grapevine has made it into the final 26 in MassChallenge.  Out of 128 finalists. Out of 1600 applicants. Yeah, we’re psyched. It’s been a heck of an experience thus far and we just wanna gush about it.

Opportunities within the program have been invaluable, including (but not limited to) connections to mentors with real, relevant experience, complementary tickets to huge marketing conferences such as Future M, and networking with other like-minded and driven entrepreneurs.

They also feed us pizza, beer and meat pies which is pretty sweet.

MassChallenge is a competition but there’s far more support going around than competition. Everyone here is just as passionate about their company as we are about Grapevine. It’s invigorating. The atmosphere here is all about advancement and positivity. Everyone here likes coming to work. Weird, right? I don’t know how they did it, but MassChallenge has fostered an amazing environment that facilitates growth.

It’s a greenhouse for start-ups. Seriously.

Grapevine has really come into its own in the last few months. We have consistently set realistic, achievable goals and exceeded them. We’ve built out our brand partnerships and our network of advocates as well as our in-house team. Strong communication is key and we’ve taken great pains to make sure our team is always on the same page. We’d like to attribute quite a bit of this to the support and space given to us by the MassChallenge staff. We’re going to do everything we can to bring home to gold and win this whole she-bang, but rain or shine, we’re still incredibly grateful for everything MC has done for us thus far.

21 Drydock is located in the Seaport district Boston, one of the most innovative sections of the city. The seaport been the fastest growing part of Boston for a the past few years so it’s fitting that MassChallenge should be here.  It’s sort of poetic; new buildings coming up around us outside and new businesses coming up inside. As the skyline outside transforms so does the landscape of businesses in Boston. This is an environment where everything is growing and MassChallenge is helping facilitate that growth.

And they’ve got a green thumb.


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