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Makeupbyamarie: Grapevine Community Spotlight


Hello friends! Welcome to a special edition of Grapevine Community Spotlight, where we’ll be chatting with makeupbyamarie and getting to know her a lot better. Ashley Marie, better known by her YouTube channel name makeupbyamarie, completed her first Grapevine campaign in 2014, and we instantly knew she was going to be BIG.

She’s been killin’ the YouTube sponsorship game since 2014!


Since then, Ashley’s popularity has skyrocketed. When we started our professional relationship, she had around 120K subscribers. Today, she has 513K! That’s huge growth for just 2 years! We’re so amazed by her progress; this girl is a superstar and total inspiration to beauty creators everywhere. In this week’s extra-special edition of Grapevine Community Spotlight, we caught up with Ashley to take about her crazy successful journey into the YouTube world.

Meet makeupbyamarie:

Your channel is seriously awesome. Did you ever think you would have over 500K subscribers and closing big brand deals? Was this the plan all along?

Hmm, I mean? No, not at all! You see, when I started my YouTube channel – I took it was just a hobby that would eventually fade away as I got older. It was something I did on my free time whenever I got bored. In the beginning, I wasn’t very consistent at all. I probably uploaded 1 video every 4 months. Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.11.55 AMIt wasn’t until my sophomore year in college when I really invested my time in growing my channel into a place where I could connect with girls of different ages all over the world. I never thought 1 person would be interested enough to watch my videos lets alone 500,000 people. As a result of starting my channel 4 years ago, I’ve gained so many friendships not only with other digital creators but with my subscribers and globally distributed brands all over the world. It all feels so surreal to say out loud but I am so glad I was sucked into this crazy world of YouTube because my life just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Your DIY videos are always so adorable! Where did you learn to craft like that?!

OMG, as a little girl! I loved to create things with my hands. I want to say I got a lot of my creativity from my dad. Anytime I had a big project due, he was right there next to me cutting and gluing things together. It’s so funny to think back on it because I was always that girl in school who would spent hours cutting out construction paper and gluing jewels onto my poster board presentations. It’s cool because my love for creating content on the Internet formed as a result of being so crafty growing up.

 Ashley’s DIYs are full of tricks that are helpful to everyone, not just gurus!


You were honored at the 2014 NYX Face Awards as an Innovator in the beauty vlogger space. What was that experience like? How did it help your channel and YouTube journey?

The NYX Face Awards was such an awesome experience. The contest really pushed me out of my comfort zone which I absolutely loved. You see, I’m a firm believer that when you get too comfortable – you stop growing. So I always want to experience the things that make me feel absolutely uncomfortable because that’s when you’ll see your full potential. I would recommend competing in the NYX Face Awards to any and everyone.

You recently decided to go back to school- congrats! What are your goals and plans for getting a degree?

As of right now, I’m just going with the flow. I started my freshman year of college thinking I wanted to be a doctor then a lawyer and shortly after a business major. Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.46.15 AMI was wrong, haha! I took a few years off of college to really get to know myself because I feel as though society forces us to believe that we have to live such traditional lives. We all have to graduate high school and go to college right away but I say just do what you love! If that means taking time for yourself before fully committing to a career you will most likely hate after graduation then just do it. There is nothing more miserable than forcing yourself through something you aren’t truly passionate about. I intend on furthering my schooling by studying something closely related to what I do now: CREATING.

How do you balance YouTube with your other responsibilities, especially considering making videos is not just a hobby, but a job that pays your bills?

Outside of being a digital creator, I’m a sister, a student, a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend and mother to two fur babies. So, it’s a bit tough to balance especially because YouTube is no longer just a hobby for me but a real job. I have to just really buckle down and hold myself accountable at all times. I find that planning out my days in my Day Designer really helps me stay on track. I’d be so lost without it.

Ashley is constantly responding to comments and engaging with her viewers- she’s always super sweet to them!


Your vlog channel has over 40K subscribers. When did you decide to make a separate vlog channel? How is vlogging different than making beauty and fashion videos?

I decided to create a separate channel for vlogging after attending a few beauty related events in California. Meeting my viewers in real life really inspired me to want to connect with them in a more realistic way. I say realistic because my vlogs are very raw as opposed to the content I put up on my main beauty channel. There is a huge difference in not only quality but quantity. You can totally say my beauty and lifestyle videos are extremely planned out where my vlogs are just random “on the fly” clips of my life. I could never imagine putting up a new video every single day on my main channel but I find it so easy to do on my vlog channel because it’s such a free and open space to film whatever I want.

How have your style, personality, and channel evolved since you started vlogging?

For a while, I kept my personal life off of the internet which made it really hard for my viewers to relate to me on certain levels. Since vlogging, I can totally say I’ve opened up in a way I have never done before. I feel so much closer to my viewers. Is that weird? Idk, when I vlog – I feel like I am sending my friends a virtual diary of my day. We chat in the comment section and it’s such an awesome time.

Her style has changed in the last 2 years, but the quality of her content has only improved!


Makeupbyamarie has evolved so much as a channel, and we’re so proud of everything she’s been able to accomplish! The future is bright for this one, and we’re staying tuned in to her channel to see what she takes on next. Want a chance to be featured in the Grapevine Community Spotlight? Tell us a little about yourself! Aren’t a member of the Grapevine community yet?





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