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What Consistent Content on YouTube Really Means

You’ve probably read all about how important consistency is for your YouTube channel. But what does that actually mean? The term “consistency” is taken right out of the marketing playbook and can be boiled down to 2 things: content and frequency.


In marketing, consistent content means offering something that is the same no matter where it is. Take Starbucks for example. No matter where you go in the world when you see a Starbucks store, you know you can expect a certain quality and taste of coffee. In other words, if you know you like Starbucks in New York, you know you’ll like Starbucks in Beijing.

The same holds true with your YouTube channel. Once you find your personal style of content that connects with your audience, make sure you stick with it in everything you do. Are your YouTube videos super informational? Then be informational on your next video. Is your channel dedicated to reviewing independent films? Then Tweet about new indie film releases and review them on your Facebook page. The point is if someone likes your tweets, they’ll probably like your YouTube channel, and if they liked your videos from last week, they’ll like your videos next week, too, but if you’re consistent.


Consistent content frequency is just as important as consistent content, because knowing when to expect something is just as important as knowing what to expect. Don’t believe me? Imagine if your favorite television show forgot to air an episode one week. Or suddenly aired two episodes back-to-back without letting you know. By not having a predictable schedule, your favorite TV show would be more like an entertaining pop-up instead of an established show.

You decide if your channel is know as an established provider of scheduled content, or as a site for pop-up entertainment. If you’re serious about growing your channel, you’ll want to be a credible provider of scheduled content. That means announcing your content schedule (just like any television show would), sticking to your schedule, and reminding your subscribers and new viewers about that schedule.

Have any good tips on how to stay consistent with your content and posting schedule? Share them in the comments below!


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