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Lighting: Give Your Videos The Highest Quality Look

Lights, camera, action! Today’s post is all about the lighting in your Youtube videos. Lighting is an important aspect to your video quality. Just think, what if you shot an entire video with the sun shining through your window behind you, and you didn’t know it. When you finished recording you would happy for all of three seconds, until you realized that you are just a giant shadowy blob. Then what? You have re-film all over again. Let’s be real, your content is much better the first time around, when it’s real and organic. So in order to avoid that terrible situation lets be proactive about lighting. Even better, let’s have fun with lighting.

Setting the mood

Lighting can give your video many things. One being a mood. That’s right, lighting can give more attitude than the Kardashians. Think about it, what is the scariest part of a horror movie? When the main character is being chased in a corn field at night. They can’t see anything and neither can the audience and the anticipation is heightened. Or how about the most romantic part of a movie. Ever notice how the lighting is romantically dim to appeal to your gushy side? These are all tricks that film makers know and use in movies to create a more emotional shot. Now, I know that you are not filming horror movies or romantic comedies. Your Youtube videos is fun and upbeat. What you didn’t know was that here is lighting for fun and upbeat too. To make you look like your best you.

Outdoor lighting

Shooting outside is always fun. It is something different to spice things up for your audience and who doesn’t want to be outside on a sunny day. Just make sure you think everything through. With the great outdoors come the weather. The unpredictable weather. So make sure you check the forecast. One thing you need to be prepared for is the sun. We love the sun. It gives us vitamin D and golden skin. But what about when we are trying to film and the sun is in our eyes. Don’t worry, check out to Stephen Schweickhart’s video to learn how to control the sun while you film.

Great information right? The only problem is you might not have diffusion and reflective panels. They can also be a bit expensive. That just means we will have to get creative. Instead of using professional panel consider just a poster board. They come in all different colors and they are the perfect reflective surface. They are just about the same size as the reflective panels, just make sure to get the thick ones. If you buy the thin poster board they may easily bend or blow in the wind. You want you poster board thick and stiff so it stays right where you want it while you film.

Indoor lighting

When you are indoors lighting and the sun can still be an issue. However when you are indoors you can also block any natural light and create your own lighting. There are a few different techniques

Think about the content of your video and the lighting that would compliment it. If you are doing a makeup tutorial you want the lighting to be very clear and defined. Your audience needs to be able to see clearly what you are doing. If you are just sitting and chatting with your viewers or showing them a product that you love consider using some shadowing techniques to make you and your products pop off the screen. Stephen Schweickhart will show you how to best highlight using lighting and shadowing.

Remember you can use just a typical house lamp or flashlight for these light sources. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy. It a great way to add a level of sophistication to your videos. You and your content will look great and your viewers will be impressed with the high quality of your videos. They don’t need to know you have a flashlight dangling in front of you face. Create the allusion and have fun with different forms a lighting. Set the mood and your viewers are sure to love it!



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