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Let's Talk Dollars…

Dear YouTubers,

Hey. It’s Grapevine here. We don’t want to make this awkward but… here’s a fact. When you make money on our platform, we make money. Ka-ching!

Getting Paid

But really, it’s more like…

Steven Colbert x Jimmy Fallon

And that’s OK.

We want YOU to be successful. In the meantime, we’re happy with a bucket full of pennies.

At Grapevine, our mission is to build the world’s best marketplace for brands and YouTube creators to collaboratively produce fun and powerful sponsorships.

YouTube Sponsorships

As we open up the marketplace to more of the companies you love, we wanted to clue you in on the fees we take in exchange for the benefits you receive as a sponsored Grapeviner.

Counting Money

Historically, Google has made it a point to shave about 45% off — a hefty sum — of every dollar you earn. That’s a lot of money, any way you look at it.

Traditional talent agents are a bit more reasonable. For their hard work, they receive a commission between 25-15%. Of course, the better ones are worth their weight in gold!

At Grapevine, we know the value we offer to YouTubers and wanted to make sure our pricing maximized income for you, our creators. So, we decided 10% would be just the perfect number (though, our accountant might not fully agree).

Network revenue commissions

That said, we are committed to:

  • Sourcing the best brand deals possible. We reject 93% of the brands that come our way in order to curate an exclusive set of high-quality sponsorship opportunities which you and your viewers will love. Can’t find a brand that you love? Let us know and we will reach out to them for you.
  • Providing guaranteed and same-day payment, when you post. We collect and hold funds from brands on your behalf; you never have to chase down a deadbeat company who skips town days after your video goes live. Seriously, no funny business.
  • Offering awesome new extras. In addition to meeting your next collaboration partner with Match, you can negotiate the terms — payment rates, upload date, proposal guidelines — of your next sponsored video with brands using Message Center.

We think of our job as taking most of the yucky stuff that comes along with managing brand sponsorships off of your hands.

That includes billing, accounts receivable, payment processing, campaign coordination with brands, contracts which we worry about so you never have to sign anything, and power of attorney (I made that last one up).

If we do our jobs right, you get to focus primarily on what you do best — creating awesome videos your viewers will love, share and comment on.

To everyone, thanks for being part of the Grapevine family and for helping us build a better sponsorships marketplace for YouTube creators.

p.s. We want to hear from you! So send your Community Manager a message about what you think of this, an Instagram of what you had for breakfast or a funny gif you saw recently. Never a dull day at Grapevine HQ 🙂

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