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kirstenmichelle: Grapevine Community Spotlight

kirstenmichelle has a lot on her plate. She works full time, is a college student and mom, and is currently on a 462-day vlog streak. Her main channel has over 45K subscribers and has been around since 2011, so she really knows her stuff. We asked Kirsten how her channel and life have changed over the last 5 years for this week’s Grapevine Community Spotlight!

Meet kirstenmichelle

maxresdefaultYou’ve said before that it took you almost 2 years to get your channel going. How has your channel changed over the years?

It took me two years to really get my channel going and where I wanted it to be because I was still in high school and I couldn’t really focus a lot of my time on YouTube. Throughout those two years I was testing new cameras and editing software, as well as working with what I had as far as a student could in terms of money. I feel like I started my channel wanting it to be purely beauty and makeup but these past 5 years it’s really evolved into my life. I still do beauty videos but I love incorporating other things I love into my channel as well, such as being a mom, planning, and lifestyle.

What camera/lighting/editing/etc. do you use when creating your channel? How has this evolved since you began your channel?

I currently use a Canon T3i to record but plan on getting the Canon 70D soon as an upgrade. For lighting I love the Limo Studio soft boxes to light up the background and I have a ring light that I sit behind my camera for light on my face. The past couple of years I’ve been using Adobe Premiere to edit and I think it’s extremely user friendly. When I first started making videos I was using a flip camera with just natural lighting in my room. You can really see the difference in my old videos, especially because of the black bars on the screen. Those were the worst!


It's hard to believe that just a year ago, we were watching Kirsten's labor and birth story video!
It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, we were watching Kirsten’s labor and birth story video!

How old is your baby now? Any big plans for this year?

My daughter, Avery, just turned one on February 13th and it was the sweetest day of my life. We don’t have any crazy big plans for our family this year but we hope to go on a vacation in the fall.

How has YouTube changed your life?

It’s become more than just a hobby for me. I found a few of my very best, closest friends through YouTube. I even packed up and moved my little family halfway across the country to be near one of my YouTube friends. I love this community.

You moved across the country to be near your YouTube friend? Will you tell us about her?

I did! I moved to Texas from North Carolina because my friend, Andrea (Scribble Prints Co.) had opened a sticker shop on Etsy and needed help. I offered to work for her jokingly but then we made it a reality. So now I work for my best friend here in Texas and it’s been a lot of fun. We did meet through YouTube about 3/4 years ago and have talked pretty much every day ever since. I’ve met a lot of really amazing people on YouTube and a lot of lifelong friends.

What are your goals for 2016 for your channel?

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.06.17 AMI think my goal every year for my channel is always to grow but I really hope this year to continue making videos that I’m truly passionate about. Sometimes I used to do videos that I didn’t care for just to have some sort of content up but I love what I do now and I want to continue sharing that with my viewers.

What are some of your dream brands that you’d love to work with?

There are so many brands that I’d die to work with! So many makeup brands in particular such as Too Faced, Make Up Forever, Urban Decay, Colourpop, etc. Any and all makeup brands would make me ridiculously happy. But other than makeup, I’ve been loving trying new mommy/baby brands and sharing these new goodies with my daughter.

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