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Kim’s Corner: Organizing Your Life for School & Work!

One of my favorite pastimes is to casually stroll through the isles of The Container Store and dream up new ways to organize and declutter my life. Something about the smell of fresh post-it notes and clear plastic organizers just gets my little heart excited. Being organized is a trait I’ve always had (thanks, Mom) but with trendy DIY videos and Pinterest crafts, that type-A personality reached new levels. I want to share my tips to help you wit organizing your life. I’ll let all of you in on a few of my secrets and hopefully this helps you prepare yourself for the back to school season, and work-life in general.

Organized Desk


1. Keep your purse in order.

For me, organization starts with my purse. Everything in my obnoxiously oversized Kate Spade bag has a purpose. To prevent utter chaos, I use a pencil case and a makeup bag to store all 12 lipglosses, 2 mascaras, and 1 ½ eyeliners, along with various writing utensils. This keeps my purse happy and prevents me from digging around for that one shade of red lipgloss.

2. Use that Calendar!

Calendars are a must in your life. If you don’t have an agenda book, Google Drive calendar, or planner, than you are missing out. How are you supposed to keep track of important deadlines or assignments? We all have busy lives and things can easily slip through the cracks, which is why I suggest you write down all significant dates or projects.

3. Put stuff back where you found it.

“Organized people are just too lazy to look for things” is a statement I live by. Nothing drives me crazier than trying to find something that, “I swear was here yesterday!!!” If I take the stapler away from my desk to finish a project, I bring it back to its home  when I’m finished. Why am I so OCD about this? Because, tomorrow when someone goes, “Oh Kim, where’s the tape?” I have an answer. This applies to nail polish, .pdf files, and that jar of Nutella in the third cabinet to the left on the second shelf behind the Ritz crackers.

Organization isn’t about having chevron-printed desk containers or spending $150 on fancy makeup storage units. It’s about taking little steps to make your day more efficient and ultimately, less stressful. Whether it’s a packed semester, or 60 hour work week with an overflowing inbox (I sympathize with the latter) I hope these tips help.

And, the next time you’re in The Container Store, you better think of me.


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