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Key Strategies To Submitting A Winning Proposal

It’s that time of the week again! #CommunityTipTuesday is back with tips on how to ensure you’re having a successful experience in Grapevine. Today we want to go over key strategies to use when talking to brands, including the importance of being flexible. Flexibility is a great mentality that does nothing but benefit you in the collaboration process.

Being open to creative negotiation is a great strategy to use when applying to campaigns and talking with brands. Whether you are a new creator or a veteran, every brand is working with different budgets, timelines, and has different creative thoughts. It’s important to be open to new and different ideas from ones you may have initially presented in your proposal. Being overly strict with your creative direction may cost you a great opportunity!

key strategies

Brands often are very open to your ideas for video content, but on occasion they have a direction they are looking to go towards their videos for specific reasons. When there is a creative difference of opinions, don’t be afraid to let the brand know your thoughts and reasonings in the Message Center. Some of our best videos are because both the creator and the brand collaborated and figured out what works well for both parties.

Being flexible is an important tool to use when deciding on a budget! Being a fresh face in the community does not put you at a disadvantage – if anything it puts you in a great position to create your own successful path with us! Brands can see your history of successfully completed campaigns, and might be more timid or unresponsive if you are set in stone with your rate. You never know what kind of budget they are looking for, and if you have a lower rate, they may be more open to “taking a chance” on your channel.

Additionally, being verbally open in your proposal makes your channel that much more approachable and will get the communication started faster. Which is the name of the game… communication. If you at least have a brand engaged in conversation with you, that’s a win in our book!




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