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Grapevine Creator Spotlight: Jasmine Sky

At Grapevine, we love to tell the stories of different creators and media, marketing, or advertising experts and share their insights with the Influencer Marketing community. Each month we highlight a different expert to share their advice with us!

This month, we caught up with Jasmine Sky, an up-and-coming creator with over 89,000 followers on Instagram and 97,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel

Tell us about yourself! When and why did you get started with YouTube? How do you approach creating content?  

Hi! My name is Jasmine aka Jasmine Sky on Youtube. I started my channel way back when I was twelve years old, I’m nineteen currently. Back then, beauty videos and makeup tutorials just started becoming super popular and I became obsessed instantly. I thought the idea of making videos was so exciting even though at the time I knew nothing about beauty and makeup —  I wasn’t even allowed to wear it!

That didn’t matter though, I ended up posting all kinds of videos and loved it. Over the years I have grown up online and I find it so crazy to actually how much I’ve changed over the years just through my channel. I’ve always been someone who wants my content to be as organic as possible, so I’m always authentic and myself because I feel that is what Youtube is for: sharing your true personality with the world and being yourself. I love being honest with my subscribers and really connecting with them on a personal level. I also love to make people laugh.

Influencer Jasmine Sky What’s your favorite post?

I honestly could not choose one particular favorite post of mine! Honestly, I love to look back and watch my old comedic skit videos. The first few years on my channel , I created a few comedy skits and videos solely just to be funny.

It’s funny to see how young I was at the time and how fearless I was. I do consider myself still quite outgoing and confident, but when you’re younger you definitely care less about what people think and don’t get embarrassed as easily and you can definitely see that!

Who are some other creators you really enjoy?

My favorite types of videos are anything mystery, paranormal or conspiracy related so I love Shane Dawson and Kendall Rae. I also love Trisha Paytas just because she’s so real and herself, I also love her mukbangs. For some reason I find it very satisfying to watch other people eat good food.

What are three pieces of advice you’d tell to up-and-coming creators?

Be yourself! Youtube is a great place to express your personality and share your life with others.
Get personal every now and then. My favorite creators are ones that are real with their audience and open up. This shows everyone you go through the same things as everyone else and helps audiences relate to the creator on a personal level.
Interact with your subscribers, doing live streams or Q&A’s really connects you with your audience.

Where do you see your channel in 5 years? 10?

I hope within the next few years my channel has grown a lot and has expanded to more lifestyle and vlogging videos. That’s what I’m trying to lean towards at the moment and I love creating that type of content.

Any suggestions for brands looking to work with you?

Like I said before I love to keep my channel as organic as possible  so I love to collaborate with brands and come up with ideas that work best for the video along with showing the brand in the best light that works for both of us. I love to expand the content of my videos and explore all different kinds of brands.

How have you seen sponsorships and YouTube change over the past few years? What are some changes you’re anticipating?  

The biggest change I’ve seen in sponsorships is the platforms that have been created to make sponsorships so much easier. I think is has become so much easier and accessible to use platforms such as Logic to connect with brands. I honestly would love to see more of it and i’m excited to see how sponsorships expand over the next few years.

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