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Grapevine Creator Spotlight: Grant Woell

At Grapevine, we love to tell the stories of different creators and media, marketing, or advertising experts and share their insights with the Influencer Marketing community. Each month we highlight a different media, marketing, or advertising expert to share their advice with our 3,000+ advertisers and 100,000+ community of creators.

Grant Woell

Grant is based in Nashville TN and is helping influencers make their mark with the “417 collective” 

Primarily working with artists and online influencers in Los Angeles and Nashville, 417 was birthed from a vision to give influencers and independent creators the tools they need to express themselves with their art.  

Grant loves to describe himself as a “Musical ginger” and “korean bbq enthusiast,” we recently grabbed some time with him to discuss how he built a content empire while balancing his pursuit of creating great music.

How do you balance all the responsibilities of being a musician while running an Instagram account and YouTube channel?

It’s definitely hard to stay balanced sometimes. The trick to balance is being good at maintaining a strict calendar and developing a habit to stick to your plans.

Why Grapevine?

I like Grapevine because they make it fast and easy to get direct feedback from brands. Other brand partnership sites just don’t offer creators the proper resources to communicate with brands directly or create custom and authentic posts. Grapevine’s messaging and post approval system are really useful.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting a YouTube channel?

Find your passion, be yourself, and make the kind of videos you want to make. Don’t feel pressured to create content you wouldn’t want to watch yourself.





Check out 417 Collective: SoundCloud | Website | Instagram | Twitter

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Love the interview!!! Go grant!


Musical ginger😂😂😂😂

Grant D (Grapevine)

There’s nothing better (oh oh oh!)


Proud of this kid! Keep it up G

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