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Influencer Relationships: 5 Management Tips To Follow

Working with Youtubers can be different than working with professional companies. That is not to say that the Youtubers your brand works with are not professional However, there is a different process taken when working with them. These are some tips to help the influencer relationship process go smoother.

1. Do the Work for Them

Obviously, you can’t write content for someone else and expect them to just want to blindly use it, but you can make it easier for them to generate it. If you want them to share information, send it directly to them in an email so it just takes them a few clicks. If you want them to guest post, give them a topic to write on and links to sites that deal well with the topic, if necessary. Make it so they don’t have to do an overwhelming amount of work in order to ensure that it gets done. If the process is easy, busy people will be more likely to engage with you. Once the content is generated and posted, make sure to send the link with them via email so that they can share it with the people that you’re really after– their followers. Track the posts for your own information, but let them know if they’ve been particularly helpful to your pursuits. An influencer blog does can bring in a whole host of new people, and it can be incredibly effective to just generate new traffic.

2. Be Grateful

They didn’t have to take the time to get involved with you, so, even if they didn’t do a whole lot of the work, you should always show your appreciation that they took any time at all. Compensated or not, they have something that you need that will take years to produce on your own. It’s better to be too gracious and make them continue to want to work with you than it is to miss the chance all together.

3. Genuine Influencer Relationships Matter

While influencer relationships are marketing based, they should also be genuine. You don’t have to become best friends with your team of social media moguls, but it is best to keep conflicts of interest out of the mix. As a result, influencers may be compensated, but it’s not always with money. In fact, it’s often without money at all. Some influencers are happy to build a sharing relationship where your brand promotes their content and vice versa. For others, you can provide reviewable products with enough to promote or giveaway on their blog or social media. This allows them to give a real opinion while also driving new followers to them. In other instances, businesses set up a commission based system where the influencer is compensated for the sales that they drive, but not outright compensated just for talking about the product.

4. Professionalism All the Time

It can be easy to forget that an influencer relationship is effective because it’s so informal is still a business relationship. Don’t let that go by the wayside. In fact, it should always be the first thing on your mind when you’re making decisions and setting up campaigns. Influencer relationships that get too informal can go South pretty quickly. That’s especially bad in this situation because you’re working with people whom you picked because they’re influential. Treat this relationship like you would any possible business relationship, and remember that you both have something to gain here.

5. Get Started On Growth through Partnerships

Working with influencers and building influencer relationships can be much less expensive then marketing programs that work with social media sites directly. You’re relying on someone else to work with organic content rather than paying a site to spend through your budget as quickly as possible. Both have different perks that may or may not benefit your organization. Influencers provide a modern approach to getting your point across by working with already trusted sources. When done right, it can pay off in a big way.


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