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Influencer Marketing Insider #7: The Power of Activist Influencers & More Top Stories

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Grapevine Influencer Marketing Insider: your weekly digest of what we’ve been hearing through the Grapevine

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#ThroughTheVine Ep 3: Activist CMOs | GIFs & Influencers | Instagram API Updates

Every week, we pick — fresh from the vine — the top stories and news items to help you navigate the wacky and dramatic world of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Influencer Marketing.

#ThroughTheVine Influencer Marketing Show
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This week: Kim and I talk about how activist CMOs — and influencers — have the power to control context in advertising. We also discuss the rise of private messaging and GIFs as an emergent Influencer Marketing platform as well as the latest updates to Instagram’s API.

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Top Stories

The Tweet Heard Around the (Financial) World

It’s been several weeks since Snapchat’s notorious UI updates, and the controversy continues to unfold. With just one tweet, Kylie Jenner sent $SNAP’s shares on a downward slippery slope. Is $SNAP really doomed though? For all we know the savvy Kanye West (a talented financial navigator himself) bought the dip. Snapchat continues to find compelling ways to team up with advertisers, most recently evidenced by their collaboration with Nike.

$SNAP and Nike just yesterday released the Air Jordan III “Tinker” and it sold out in 23 minutes after sending exclusive snapcodes to its followers. For $SNAP, this is merely a bump in the road as they build out a robust programmatic marketplace.

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Facebook Adds More Clarity to Ad Metrics

Good news for marketers: Facebook is adding more transparency to its insights platform. This is especially timely considering how Vox Media CEO pointed to Facebook’s “unreliable monetization and promotion” metrics as a reason for laying off their video teams.

Basically, what you can expect from Facebook now is education on metrics that actually matter for brands, as well as metrics that are estimates vs ones that are actually quantified. Hopefully, this offers more of an incentive for brands to create meaningful content that audiences will engage with in a positive way.

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Four Steps to Negotiate with Influencers

There’s more hype surrounding YouTube Influencer Marketing than ever. Even though collaborations with creators on social media have driven results, Influencer Marketing is still a young industry with rapidly shifting benchmarks: especially when it comes to compensating creators for the work they do.

At the end of the day, it’s always a negotiation between brand/agency and creator. Read on to our blog for helpful tips that will help you and the influencer you’re building a relationship with leave the negotiation table on good footing.

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