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How Your Brand Can Reach It’s Target Audience on Youtube

When thinking about how to reach your target audience on Youtube there are many factors that go into deciding the who, what, and where. Let’s focus on the who. It is unbelievably important to make sure you are running your Youtube campaign with the right Youtubers. The first reaction may be to try and get the attention of a Youtube star such as Smosh or JennaMarbles who reach millions of Youtube viewers. Yes, you will reach an enormous number to consumers, but it may not give you the effect you are hoping for. A Youtube campaign can be much more successful if you go after multiple smaller Youtubers rather than one large Youtuber.

Find Your Target Audience

There are many benefits to working with smaller Youtube Channels. The biggest one is reaching a more direct audience. When you find smaller Youtubers to work with, you can get a real sense of who their viewership is. If they have a beauty channel, comedy, video game, or music channel you know that the viewers subscribing to those channels are truly interested in the topics of the videos. This is a huge advantage in terms of reaching a narrow, brand specific target audience.

When working with the big names on Youtube you are reaching a wide range of people, and not even half of them will have any interest in your product. You are essentially paying for views that will not bring you any future profit. If you pick the right channel you can reach the audience you are looking for directly, and be confident that the viewers will have an interest in your brand or product.

Inexpensive Way To Experiment

Running a campaign with smaller Youtubers can bring more than just brand appropriate viewership. I can be an inexpensive way for your brand to experiment with different ways of reaching consumers. Smaller Youtubers are much less expensive than top Youtubers and provide a much more narrow target audience. This means you can test out different verticals, see which one is most receptive to your brand and the products being featured in the videos. It is also a great way to try different marketing strategies in the videos. Brand recognition, product placement, or giving the creator more free rain to present your brand in their own unique way. With the financial ability to try out these different approaches you may stumble across something you never thought would be affective.

Honest Endorsements

Many of the viewers that subscribe to the smaller Youtube channels use the videos as an advice column. The creators of these channels are giving advice and how to’s based off of their real life experience. They are giving personal advice and giving their honest opinion. They know that their viewership values and trusts their opinions and recommendations. So to keep their credibility they will not push a product or a brand that they don’t truly believe their viewers would appreciate. This is an extreme advantage for your brand. You don’t have to worry about creating a personal appeal for a product in a campaign, because the Youtubers will do that for you. Unlike a Hollywood endorsement, it does not feel like these Youtubers are suggesting a product because they are getting paid for it. Rather they suggest it because they truly believe their viewers will enjoy it. They bring a level of  authenticity to a Youtube campaign.

So next time you are calculating your next campaign on Youtube, consider the benefit of multiple smaller Youtubers, rather than one big name Youtuber. Visit Grapevine Logic to learn more.


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