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How to Successfully Collaborate On A Sponsorship

How to successfully collaborate on a sponsorship is a common question we hear in our community. You’ve been booked for a campaign, amazing! Now what? The Community team has certainly witnessed our fare share of collaborations that go south due to a passive approach or simply lack of communication in the Grapevine Message Center. We have some sponsorship etiquette we would love to share with you for this this week’s #CommunityTipTuesday!

One of the most important tips we can relay is to keep the brand up to date along the way. A billion things can happen during a sponsorship, right?

  • Did you not receive a package on time?
  • Did you suddenly have to go out of town and can’t post by your deadline?
  • Is there a question about the product you’re using?
  • Did you baby brother accidentally throw your filming camera in the toilet?
  • Your laptop was stolen?

We’ve heard it all! It’s good practice to let a brand know when you receive product, how you like it, when you will begin filming, when you will be sending over the unlisted link, and when you will would like to go live. Something as simple as, “I receive the product in the mail today! I’m in love! I’ll be filming on Friday and can send you the unlisted link sometime over the weekend. I’m hoping to go live on Tuesday so if you can send along feedback by Monday afternoon I’d appreciate it. Thank you again!” This may seem second-nature for you but for many brands, this is their first time working with a creator. Keeping the communication open will help build your relationship and can work in your favor if you run into any hiccups along the way.

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Another tip we always tell our Grapeviners is to give yourself a 2-3 day buffer between submitting your unlisted link in Grapevine and your actual upload date. These days are not always the same! Brands can take a day or two to approve your video, sometimes can have minor edits for your content, and you probably won’t hear a response until Monday if it’s the weekend. It’s important to keep these little hurdles in mind and be prepared for the unexpected! 

Have questions or want more helpful tips? Schedule a call with one of our Community Managers, Rita, and she’ll make sponsorships a bit less intimidating for you!


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