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How to Pick The Right Youtube Influencers For Your Brand

Once a brand or company has decided what kind of relationship they want their Youtube influencers to have with followers and subscribers, then they can start the process of connecting with the right person for their brand. This is not a fast process. Just as the Youtube influencer had to build a following, brands also have to develop a relationship with the people who may eventually be repping their products or services. It doesn’t have to be months or years, but brands need enough lead time to connect. Remember, these social media titans have taken time to build their own reputation, and they’re rarely willing to interact with brands or companies who can’t promise to protect their image as fiercely as they have for themselves.

Where To Begin When Selecting Youtube Influencers

The first step is to decide what keywords best determine the product or service that is being marketed. If you’re selling heavy machinery, you may be wasting your time with a group of childhood development bloggers. At the same time, if you represent a new and improved baby bottle, then Youtube influencers who tend to speak to frat brothers will probably be the wrong market. Decide your keywords, and then conduct a search for those keywords. Find people and companies who blog about your keywords, who have experience with your keyword, and who have followers who are interested in your keywords. That is the group of influencers who will make the most impact for you. You also have to mitigate your expectations of reach for your campaign based on the product that you’re offering. If you know you serve a small niche market, then you can’t expect your Youtube influencers to have millions of followers. But if 2,000 followers is a much improved reach for your efforts because of how small the group who have an interest in your product is, then that’s a perfectly good place to start. If you’re selling something more mainstream, however, that may not be the right influencer for you. There are also companies that you can use that will crawl different social media sites and tell you the number of impressions that an account has for each different post. That way, you can see not only that they generate the right content for you, but that people are actually seeing it.

Pick Your Group

Once you’ve done your research and figured out who can likely give you the most impact for your brand, make a list. It should include big names in the industry as well as people who have a fair number of very invested followers. You may not want to spend too much time trying to get the attention of the biggest name in your field unless you have the muscle behind your product or service to get noticed. That being said, there are a lot of people who may not be famous outside of their social media circle, but who still have a lot of followers and subscribers to show for it. Those people tend to have the trust of the people who voluntarily signed up for their content because they’re available, accessible and helpful.

Don’t Pick Everyone

Be selective about the group of Youtube influencers that you court. You don’t want to try to connect with everyone because you won’t build genuine relationships will all of them, and, as a result, you won’t be filling your end of the bargain. Pick a select few who you feel have the right amount of clout over their followers, and get to engaging.


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