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How To Make Money On YouTube: YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #1

Even if you don’t want to admit it, when you first start a YouTube channel, it’s hard to NOT daydream about a day when you’re big enough to work with brands, and better yet, get paid for it! But how do you find these types of relationships?


This is one of the most common questions we’ve seen out there, so we turned to our buds (and seasoned pros) Pano T and Madison Miller for their advice on the topic. See below for their tips, tricks and more.


This is the first lesson in our YouTube Life Hacks series. Click here for a complete list of the topics we’ll be covering and stay tuned for more hacks to make your YouTube channel better than ever.

How To Make Money on YouTube ft. Madison Miller

Madison Miller is a beauty enthusiast with¬†TONS of experience in working with brand partners. Learn the basics in her YouTube 101 lesson about making money, knowing how much you’re worth and selecting the right partners to work with.




How to Make Money on YouTube ft. Pano T

Pano T describes himself as a full-time dreamer, part-time adult. His channel boasts over 78K subscribers due to his laid back demeanor and hilarious take on life. Because of this, he’s become a favorite of brand partners. Here are his tips for making money on YouTube quickly and easily.



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