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How to Find The Right Sponsorship in Grapevine’s Marketplace

How are you suppose to know what sponsorships are right for your channel? There are so many sponsorships in Grapevine’s Marketplace and it certainly can be tough to find the right one! Well, lucky for you, that’s where we come in with this week’s #CommunityTipTuesday discussing how to find the right sponsorship in Grapevine’s Marketplace.

Knowing your brand is one of the most important factors for a creator. What you are all about? What content excites you? How do you want your audience to perceive your channel? Similar in our everyday life, how you present yourself is unique to you (just like your channel). There are going to be sponsorships in the marketplace that are way outside your wheelhouse, and sponsorships that fall right within your niche. Knowing who you are as a creator will help in deciding which opportunities are right for you!

Knowing your audience is another important aspect of successfully booking a sponsorship. Your audience is the fuel to your creative fire, right? Let’s be real, without them you would have no channel! Knowing what your audience is receptive to, vs. sponsorships that are of no interest is certainly an important factor. Listening to feedback and understanding your reach will further help target sponsorships that are right for you. Have you ever filtered campaigns in the marketplace? Start by selecting a category and narrowing down the budget to show what we recommend for you!

Know your rate so you can submit a competitive proposal. Did you know only about 5% of proposals are accepted? Setting your rate too high (although you may think it’s reasonable) may be out of budget for a brand, however setting a rate too low is going to mean you skip out on that hard earned cash! Keep an honest perspective of your average view counts, time spent, and requirements of the campaign. Check out our recent blog post to determine your rate for a sponsorship.

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Still not sure what to do? Luckily we have a fantastic team of expert Community Managers who are here to guide you in the right direction. We ‘d love to share more tips and tricks on how to find the right sponsorship in Grapevine’s Marketplace. In the words of Charlie Puth, we’re only one call away!




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