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How To Communicate With Brands In The Message Center


It goes without saying that success is something many people in the world strive for. No matter how you measure it, we bet you hope the content you create for your viewers is successful as well. And if that’s the case, then you definitely want to know how to work successfully with a brand on Grapevine! This can be achieved by mastering how to communicate with brands in our Message Center.


In the world of YouTube and collaborations, building strong relationships is a crucial part of being successful. When you apply to campaigns on Grapevine, you have to talk directly with brands in the Message Center. This can be a little intimidating, and we know you want to say all the right things they want to hear. imagesThink of brand collaborations as a team effort- it takes effort on both ends to be successful.  Here are a few tips and practices to keep in mind when talking with brands in our Message Center:


  •  Be transparent. Transparency is key when talking with brands. Being transparent means you are giving the
    brand insight on the timeline of your work flow and how far along you are in your creative process. Make sure to share with them your direction for the video and even include your thoughts on their product. Brands love transparency because it allows them to make better decisions on their end.


  • Be up front. Life happens and we totally get that! But it is still important to be up front with any little hiccups that happen when working with a brand – trust us, they do happen from time to time! The earlier you let the brand know what is going on (whether it may be a shipping delay or a change in your upload date), the better they can fix it or shuffle things around accordingly! The worst thing one could do is let the problem sit and snowball into an even larger situation.


  • Ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Asking questions, even if you are not sure of the right ones to ask, will spark conversation and clarification between you and the brand. Clarifying information is not only good practice, but it is also vital to being successful! You always want to make sure you are on the same page as the brand. It will help you and the brand fully understand what the video will entail.


We hope these quick tips will give you a little more confidence the next time you are communicating with a brand in the Message Center. The process isn’t meant to be complicated or intimidating, but sometimes it may feel that way. As always, we are just one email away from helping out if you have any last minute questions!



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