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How Creators Make Money: YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #7

If you’re a part of the crazy, powerful, collaborative community of YouTube, you know that being a creator is a complicated job. It’s never as simple as creating and uploading videos, at least not at the beginning. If you’re trying to make your job title “Creator,” it will probably involve creating for other people, taking side jobs, freelancing, etc.


Even though it’s not a simple career, being a creator is ultimately so rewarding, because it’s all about making a living through expressing yourself . That’s why this installment of our YouTube Life Hacks series is all about how creators make money.


And who better to swoop in with some quality advice on the subject than Elliott Morgan, YouTube comedian extraordinaire? Elliott is a comedian, writer, and creator who has collaborated with channels like SourceFed, Mental Floss, and Spike’s Lip Sync Battle. He’s also done a podcaststandup special, and of course regularly uploads to his YouTube channel.  Across platforms, his work is seriously hilarious, but he admitted he’s not living that starving comedian lifestyle.



Elliott is proof: if you have a passion for creating and can be resourceful with different sources of income, it’s totally doable to live your dream while paying your bills.


If you’re looking for some more creator resources, check out our previous YouTube Life Hacks lessons. Ready to apply to campaigns and start making some cash?





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