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Influencer Marketing and the Holidays: Four Great Examples

‘Tis the season for Influencer Marketing!

Even though it’s only early October, the best brands are already planning their holiday influencer marketing campaigns. It’s been proven that social media influencers drive traffic, leads, and ultimately – sales to landing pages. Furthermore, 68% of holiday shoppers are influenced by what they see on YouTube before they make a purchase.

If you hope to drive revenue for your brand this season, you should be thinking about influencers right now as well! However, one of the most challenging parts of influencer marketing is also its most basic: what kinds of campaigns can you build to creatively and effectively leverage your influencers?

Before you get too excited: the best creative voice for an influencer marketing campaign is in fact, the creator themselves. The point of leveraging influencers is to capitalize on their relationship with their audience to speak to your brand’s values in the context of their fans’ existing familiarity. This allows content to remain authentic. On top of that, it also allows your messaging to resonate and make a lasting impression for your target audience.

Here are four great campaigns from top influencers and brands to give you a better idea on how you should structure your upcoming holiday influencer marketing campaigns for your brand

1) Travis Bryant and LovePop

The Holidays are an awesome opportunity for brands seamlessly integrate their products or services in themed content. Although the primary purpose of Travis Bryant’s video was to show off the cool gingerbread houses he made, he was able to discuss LovePop cards in an unobtrusive, authentic manner. On top of this, Bryant included a link to LovePop in the video description along with a generous discount.

Coupled with a strong call to action, discounts help your influencer marketing content actually perform. To drive even more immediacy for your content, try making the coupon or discount code valid for only a limited time — such as the holiday season.

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2) BooredAtWork and Amazon

For startups and brands that provide a helpful service, it might be worth it to reach out to lifestyle, tech, or advice influencers like BooredAtWork. One thing that a lot of people need during the holidays is help. How can you make audiences lives easier? A lot of fans look to their influencers as a conduit to answer their most pressing problems. Amazon took advantage of this need. 

How can you bring potential users up to speed on the potential of your service? Amazon effectively partnered with BooredatWork to solve a problem easily and conveniently for audiences new and old.

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3) Griffin Arnlund and Boohoo

For Fashion brands, there’s nothing better than teaming up with a creator for a “haul video.” What this means is that brands like Boohoo will team up with popular influencers like Griffin Arnlund to send her products of her choice to try on in front of her audience of fans.

This gives potential customers an opportunity to see how products will actually fit, as well as give them a chance to hear a review from someone they trust.

Furthermore, not only did Arnlund list a very generous coupon code of 50% off in her video description, but she also listed every single piece of clothing she reviewed in the video as well.

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4) Karina Garcia and Maltesers

The cleverest creators can do anything with your product and that’s exactly what Karina Garcia did with Maltesers. One might ask, “how can you promote candy with influencers?”

Turns out, the holidays are a perfect time. Karina Garcia, a highly popular DIY Youtuber, was able to take Maltesers and create an awesome Gingerbread style cottage with them. Again, what’s very important for brands is to be as unobtrusive as possible when working on campaign briefs with influencers. Letting an influencer’s creativity shine can surprise you and your target audience in the best ways.

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The Holidays are a great time to experiment with seemingly non-traditional ways to promote your brand. Creators are key to those non-traditional marketing campaigns that raise eyebrows. Don’t hesitate and book influencers now!

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