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Micro-Influencers Yield Increased Engagement

Subscriber Count Isn’t Everything

You’ve got an amazing product, a sound strategy, and a healthy budget to match. Like 73% of other marketers, you know that allocating a healthy budget to an Influencer Marketing strategy is going to get your brand to the most number of people possible.

A common mistake many experts in charge of curating influencers to supercharge their marketing campaigns make is blowing their budget on creators with a massive amount of subscribers or followers. What’s the right number of subscribers to target then if not a million?

Luckily, at Grapevine, we’ve sampled data from over 500 videos produced by top creators and influencers on YouTube who utilize our platform to connect with brands to promote products in an authentic way. Here’s some information that will hopefully help you make more sense of the influencer marketing landscape as you embark on creating your campaign:

(Data gathered from 620+ Campaigns Run on the Grapevine Platform) 

Micro-Influencers Will Give you the Most Engagement

The above chart displays a linear trend line of CTR vs subscriber count. As you can see, creators with a larger audience have lower average engagement rates than influencers with relatively subscriber counts. To maximize engagement, your brand’s influencer marketing campaigns are going to be most effective if you target YouTube channels with 10,000-120,000 followers.  

Niche Magic

Influencers with smaller subscriber counts are more effective because, with a smaller audience share, they can be me more authentic. When they take time to listen and respond to comments, they can yield a higher overall engagement rate on their content.

Micro-Influencers, by virtue of their niche audience, can be more genuine. This means that whatever product you want to promote is more seamlessly and organically integrated in your target creator’s video. On top of that, because of the lower subscriber count, the market rate for those creators is also cheaper!

Finding Great Influencers

Finding reliable, authentic, and personable micro-influencers with a great audience can be difficult. Fortunately, you’re in luck! The Grapevine platform is host to 135,000+ influencers (both micro and macro) that have already been rigorously curated and vetted by a team of industry experts.

If you’re ready to connect with creators with highly engaged audiences, don’t hesitate! Sign up for our platform now.


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