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Grapevine’s Closet: #TuesdayShoesday

Shoes are kind of a big deal! Why do you think there is an entire day of the week dedicated to it? You most likely have more than you need, but never all the ones you want, and refuse to ever stop buying them. They not only complete your outfits, but your soul as well… or should we say, sole.

Ever walk into a store and notice how the shoes are always on display? Usually it’s a special display with their own lighting, which only highlights their, “specialness” making them look even more glorious. You can’t help yourself but buy three pairs!

Shoes can really pull together your outfit but more importantly your capabilities as a human. Throw on a pair of heels and you feel like could conquer the world, just by gaining a few inches. Flats or loafers are a different story but no less of an importance in our lives. They keep you grounded, pun intended. Don’t even get us started with boots. We’ve got serious boot game.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.34.30 PM
More often than not, your closet (like ours) ends up looking more like a post war scene. A battlefield littered with shoes of all seasons, a sea of money well spent, lying all over the place… lifeless… waiting to be rescued by your outfit of the day. But again, who cares?! Your happiness is worth the lack of closet space.

#TuesdayShoesday may only be celebrated once a week, but in reality, it’s celebrated everyday because we know you’re not going to leave your house barefoot. Shoes own our lives, but we’re okay with it.



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