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The Grapevine YouTube Influencer Marketing Roadmap


Brand generated content is no longer the best pathway for brand marketing success. User-generated content via Facebook and Instagram creators and  YouTube Influencer Marketing has a larger share of the market than ever. In fact, according to Kleiner Perkins, content from creators on Facebook and Instagram yields a 6.9x higher engagement rate than other methods of promotion.

To better help your efforts in building the best Influencer Marketing campaign, we’ve put together the 9-step Grapevine YouTube Influencer Marketing Roadmap to build awesome relationships with creators and to better ensure success for your brand’s marketing initiatives.

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1. Determine Your Metrics for Success
The first and most important question you need to address in your plan is simple: how will you determine the Return on your Investment? Typical KPIs that most brands like to keep in mind are audience reach, overall engagement, impressions, conversions.

2. Identify Optimal Social Media Channels
There’s no one-size-fits-all channel that works for every brand. Use native analytics platforms like Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics to determine what channels and kinds of content resonate with your brand. Draw up audience personas: what does your
idea customer do? Where do they shop? How do they consume their media?

3. Prepare a Brief
Working with influencers requires a fair amount of managing expectations. Creators want know the brands they are working with care about their product and promoting it in creative ways. Be transparent in your proposal; be very specific on what kinds of Influencers you’re looking for. Make sure you’re clear about requirements in your brief, but don’t make them too restrictive. You want to give the influencer you’re working with enough room to shine with their creativity.

4. Curate Influencers
The best approach to finding Influencers is to discover them yourself. Some platforms (like Grapevine) allows users to browse already vetted Influencers. Browse our Discovery tools and filter Influencers by industry, age demographic, reviews, and more. When you find an influencer, review previous collaborations they’ve done and take care to ensure their voice is something you want to associate with your brand.

5. Negotiate Rates
Depending on what KPIs you’re looking for, the rates will be different. Most of the times, Creators will have their own rate cards to determine how much it costs for sponsored posts. However, if you need to negotiate, use our 2017 Influencer Benchmarks to give you an idea on how other campaigns on Grapevine have been performing, but ultimately it’s up to you and the Influencer to come to a decision.

6. Review Content
Before you go live with the campaign, make sure that the creator you’ve partnered with hit all the relevant talking points and adheres to the latest FTC Guidelines. Always over communicate with the Influencer you’re working with to set realistic goals and deadlines. The more communicative you are, the easier the collaboration will be.

7. Publish and Optimize
Congratulations on publishing your collaboration! The real power behind user generated influencer content is long-tail value. Unlike a sponsored brand post on Facebook or LinkedIn, it might take up to a month for you to see value from your content. Start planning your collaborations early!

8. Measure 
The collaboration isn’t over once you’ve hit the publish button. Your video isn’t just a video: it’s a campaign. Commit extra resources to promotion such as additional paid ads and supporting blog posts. Also pay attention to your CTAs (Calls-to-Action) within the video and make sure people keep clicking it. Adjust the copy and CTA every few days to keep testing.

9. Collaborate Again
If you’ve followed these tips right, then you’ve created a winning collaboration. The influencer behind your successful initiatives is now a part of your story, and they’ve cultivated an audience that already trusts your brand. Don’t hesitate to lean on the creator again for future campaigns.

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