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Grapevine Update: Collaboration Feed

We have just launched the collaboration feed in Grapevine. Why is this so awesome? Well, now you can see exciting things that are happening in the Grapevine community. On the right side of the page you’ll see the featured campaign and on the left you’ll see your profile, while the collaboration feed is in the middle.

On the collaboration page you’ll be able to see the five most recent posts consisting of :

  • New Uploads (which videos your friends are posting!)
  • New Sign-Ins (see which of your friends have become new members!)
  • Subscriber Milestones (Congratulate your friends on reaching a significant number of subbies)

Similar to Facebook, theres a handy “Like” button (except its a Love It! button, because we don’t like things, we love them!) and a section where you can comment and communicate with your fellow vloggers!


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