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New! Real-Time Notifications in Slack


We’ve used Slack at Grapevine since the beginning of 2015 and it’s been great. We have especially enjoyed using a number of integrations as well as incoming webhooks to get real time information in one place. As we talked to our customers we realized that many of them were using Slack for team communication as well. We started thinking about how Grapevine could integrate with Slack to make the experience more delightful for brands.

Today we are excited to announce a Slack integration for Grapevine brands. Setting it up is dead simple and takes about 30 seconds to get up and running. Once you’ve set it up, Grapevine will automatically post real-time notifications for creator proposals, status updates on your campaign, and more.

As we monitor usage we will continue to make improvements and expand the scope of notifications we provide. Our goal is to make the experience as simple and easy as possible for brands using Grapevine.

Click here to set up your integration


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