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Grapevine Lottery Announcement: March Winners

We’re back with The Grapevine Lottery and excited to announce our March Winners! Congrats to:

Alexandra Beuter


Molly Burke

Each of these creators completed a partnership in the month of March, AND managed to get their videos uploaded on time. Nice work! See below for their winning videos.


Remember, entering The Grapevine Lottery is super easy. Simply complete a brand sponsorship and upload your video on or before the due date, and you’re automatically entered. What’s in it for you? We’ll DOUBLE the $$$ you made on the video we select.


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Now for the winning videos…

Alexandra Beuter for Fit Life Tea:

What’s your plan for the extra $$ in your pocket?

My plan for the extra money is to put it right back into my channel! YouTube is my biggest passion and I love creating awesome content for my viewers.

What would you dream YouTube collaboration be?

My biggest secret to YouTube success is consistency and to be genuine! Viewers appreciate great content from an honest perspective.

I love Grapevine because…

I love Grapevine because it’s an amazing platform to collaborate with both brands and other creators!

beautyblossom29 for HotDot:

What’s your plan for the extra $$ in your pocket?

I am planning to use my grapevine lottery winnings on a birthday present for my friend! Her birthday is coming up and with this extra cash I can put it towards her birthday present!

What would you dream YouTube collaboration be?

My dream Youtube collaboration would be with Aspyn Ovard and Alisha Marie, the video would be “10 Easy & Cute DIY’s for your room”!

I love Grapevine because…

I love Grapevine because it has allowed me to work with so many amazing brands and really showcase my YouTube channel to multiple brands and people! Without grapevine I don’t know where my channel would be today!

Molly Burke for ROI Brands:

What’s your plan for the extra $$ in your pocket?

I am blind, which means I cannot easily edit my own YouTube videos. Any money I do get for my YouTube videos goes straight to paying a video editor to edit and upload my videos. YouTube is not a money making venture for me, my videos are simply a way to connect with people around the world and hopefully educate, motivate and inspire them, which is my goal in everything I do from YouTube, to my TV show, blog and motivational speaking.

What would your dream YouTube collaboration be?

I am a HUGE YouTube fan, which I’m pretty sure is how all of us YouTubers start out. I have a long ever growing list of YouTubers I’d love to one day collaborating with, here are my top picks:

  1. Tati (GlamLifeGuru) – I‘d love to do a blind vs. sighted makeup challenge video together.
  2. Shane Dawson – I’d love to do a Carpool Karaoke video with him. Shane is someone who can always make me laugh or put a smile on my face and as someone who lives with mental illness I appreciate finding someone who I know can always lift my spirits.
  3. Tana Mongeau – Tana is one of the main YouTubers that inspired me to start making Story Time videos and I’d love to do a Story Time collab with her.
  4. Sarah Rae Vargas – I admire Sarah’s self confidence and would love to do a collab on finding self confidence with her because I think it could help a lot of my viewers as well as hers.
  5. Ayydubs – I would LOVE to do something super fun with Alex like a skit on being blind vs. sighted, etc.

I love Grapevine because…

I love Grapevine because its allowed me to learn about new brands and companies I wouldnt have otherwise known about. Ive found some products and things through Grapevine that I LOVE and wouldnt go without. Getting to find out about new brands and products is great, but whats even better is getting to work with them and share it with my viewers who I know will love it too.


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