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Get the Most Out of Your Video Marketing

When it comes to marketing ROI, not surprisingly, videos ranked pretty high up there as far as what your consumers actually respond to. Not only are videos effective, but they are a popular option for many businesses, simply because people LIKE watching videos. People like to feel entertained. They enjoy watching videos that have a personal and emotional touch. But sound business strategy doesn’t mean you simply jump on the YouTube video marketing bandwagon because everyone else is doing it. Why? Because it will likely lead to poor videos that don’t have a point or worse, that don’t reach your customers in the way that they should. In either scenario, you end up with an expense that delivers virtually no ROI. So what’s the REAL secret to increasing your YouTube product marketing ROI? It boils down to 4 key points.

Know Your Audience

Before you choose to use YouTube influencer video marketing for your business, you need to first identify your audience and get to know them. The purpose of Youtube product marketing is to persuade the audience to act in your favor. If you don’t know your audience, then you will never be able to create a video that is going to reach your expected goals. It is crucial to know who you are trying to reach and where you need to go to reach them.

Keep It Short And Sweet

How long is your video? An effective video will be short, sweet and to the point. If you put your message or goal at the end of a nine-minute video, your audience is going to get bored halfway through and exit the screen…leaving your mind-changing message in the dust. Successful YouTube product marketing will get the point across immediately, while still keeping the audience entertained and attentive.

Have a Call-To-Action

Content isn’t the only form of marketing that can have a call-to-action; videos can too. In a video, the call-to-action will be the intent or reason for your YouTube product marketing. Having a specific goal for your video will help give the video direction and support. You don’t want to aimlessly plug your product into a video or leave your customers wondering why they wasted their time watching it. Your video should give your customers their own goals to accomplish after viewing it. Do you want your customers to share the video with their friends and followers? Should your customers be offered an option to purchase the product in the video? These are goals that your viewers should be inclined to achieve.

Create a Strong Message

Creating a strong message for your video will justify your viewer’s actions after the video has ended. This doesn’t mean only giving your customers something entertaining to watch – it means giving them a compelling and persuasive message to act a certain way. When it comes down to it, the purpose of your video is to give your customers an incentive to buy or use your products. Is your message creative and clear enough to give your customers the right incentive to do what you want them to do? Before you head off to collaborate with a YouTube influencer on your marketing campaign, ask yourself a few questions to ensure you’re working with the right individual and sending the right message to your

  • Does the message portray the positive benefits of purchasing or using our products?
  • Did we identify our target audience and cater to their needs and interests?
  • Do my customers have a clear understanding of what they should be doing after they view the video

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