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Get Ready With Us: The Weekend!

It’s your favorite time of the week! Yes, it’s that glorious day that marks your new found freedom, well at least for the next two days. You are probably counting down the hours until you are out of work or class. Yeah, we know you’re checking your phone every few minutes and your friends are flooding your inbox with plans. Of course, in good fashion, you’re going to squeeze all the plans in because it’s Friday and thats what you do. Sleep? Thats for Sunday. So grab your Redbull and get ready with us.



As we all know, getting ready for a night out with your girls is the best part. It can either be some well needed me time where you jam out with your hair straightener as a microphone, or where you catch up and glam up with your girls. We all have our go-to makeup routines that we swear by, but sometimes trying something new can make you feel like the world’s next Beyonce. #flawless

There are lots of makeup and hair tutorials out there but these YouTubers know how to do it right. Going for a glam look? LoveMelissaMichelle knows how to use those electric colors you know you have been longing to try.

Selena Gomez more your spirit animal? Arylne Sanjines has the perfect rock n’ roll look you’ll want to try.

Or do you need a holiday look that is so perfect it’ll make everyone swoon? Nicole Guerriero has got your back.

Now grab your besties and take the night by storm. Use the #wknd at @grapevinelogic, we’d love to see these looks and your weekend adventures!!


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