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Do’s and Don’ts for Growing Your Channel: YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #5

It’s never been more easy or more intimidating to become a content creator. For one, the equipment necessary has become extremely accessible, and making YouTube content is a skill that’s getting simpler to learn each day. However, that also means there are more content creators on the platform trying to make it than ever before. How can you stand out in an endless sea of talented, creative, and innovative YouTube creators?


That’s why this week’s YouTube Life Hacks Lesson is about the Do’s and Don’ts for YouTubers. Two completely different creators with stable and significant followings weighed in on The Do’s and Don’ts of starting and growing a YouTube channel. Roberto Blake is a designer, author, and educator who uploads videos instructing his viewers how to “create awesome,” and Moe Othman runs a relatable comedy channel where he rants and reacts to everyday experiences. Both have found success on YouTube, and compiled some do’s and don’ts for YouTubers who are just starting out.


Check out their videos below, and remember, whether it’s uploading on a strict content schedule or consistently wielding a frying pan, remember to do something on YouTube that helps you stand out. 😉


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How to Grow a YouTube Channel ft. Roberto Blake


The Do’s and Don’ts for Growing Your Channel ft. Moe Othman


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