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Creator Spotlight: Lilian Tahmasian

In this series, we shine the spotlight on a Grapevine creator so they can share their story, give their best YouTube advice, and help our community really get to know them.

Australian creator Lilian Tahmasian always dreamed of entertaining audiences, and in 2009 she discovered she could make her dream a reality. Inspired by her creative parents (her mom is a dress designer and her dad is a musician), she started a YouTube channel that focuses on beauty, fashion, health, and advice. What began as a hobby now has over 7.5 million views and is the third most viewed Style & Beauty YouTube channel in Australia. Lilian recently moved to Los Angeles, where she continues to create videos that promote confidence and inner beauty.

How did you get started on YouTube?

After watching so many videos back in 2009, I realized there was so much hate and negativity going on within the online community. So, I decided to create a video on positivity and confidence. This was one of my first videos, “How to Become Confident.” After this, YouTube emailed me to become partners with them and the rest, I guess, is history.

What are some tips you have for up-and-coming creators in regards to submitting a proposal on Grapevine?

  • Do your research before applying to campaigns. Be familiar with the brand, what they like, who their audience is, and what their targets and goals are.
  • Be creative when it comes to video ideas and pitches – this will make you stand out from the crowd!
  • Regarding pricing, know the worth of your audience. However, when you’re starting out, always start small and grow your budget from there. The more experience you have with collaborations and pitches, the more you will grow as a brand! 🙂

What are your suggestions when a brand asks for a lower price?

If you really like the brand and the product, I think even if the brand is asking for a lower price, it will be great exposure for you and a great experience. This may also open the pathway for future collaborations, so don’t be so disappointed if they need to work on a slightly smaller budget.

As an international creator, do you have any tips for others who live outside the United States?

If a brand likes you and your social platforms, where you live shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve worked with companies all over the place and it’s important to make a great impression and connection with them. If you both have the same goals in mind, it becomes a powerful force regardless of where you are based. Having said that, try to reach out for brands that you are familiar with and that you share the same audiences with.

What’s your favorite sponsorship you’ve completed in Grapevine?

I’ve had so many that I have loved, however, I really enjoyed my collaboration with VERB!

What’s your favorite video you’ve ever made on your channel?

I have a few – either my “Get Ready With Me” videos, as they are so much fun to create, or my inspirational videos on positivity, love, and life!

What are your goals for your channel?

My goals are to grow as a brand and to be able to reach a wider range of audience. I am currently working on a little something on my own to expand my channel and my brand’s focus and mindset, so I’m very excited to share that with my audience! I have also always had a passion for acting and entertaining, so I’ll be filming plenty more vlogs following me to acting classes and auditions. I can’t wait!

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