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Creator Spotlight: Enobong Etteh

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Boored at Work

Enobong Etteh, or “Thunder E,” is the Executive Editor & Founder of Boored at Work. He created the website in 2007 and the YouTube channel in 2009 because he was sick of scouring the web to get his fix of tech reviews, entertainment news, and stories that aren’t covered by mainstream media. He now has an entire team of people with backgrounds in IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, and the film industry. Boored At Work provides entertainment on all things tech & lifestyle in the most relatable manner, all in one place.

Enobong loves to explain things and describes himself as “a nerd & geek at heart, [who] loves comic books, lots of action movies and martial arts.”

Grant Deken: When we first met I think you had around 70,000 subscribers on YouTube. Now I see you’re over 200k! What has been the secret to growing your audience?

Enobong: A combination of factors really – a mixture of collaborations with the right people, leveraging that with collaboration giveaways (free stuff always helps). Also following that up with the right kind of content, by listening to my viewers and using analytics.

GD: What has been the biggest mistake/learning from building your business?

Enobong: Create multiple revenue streams as soon as possible, which I was slow to do; even though that was hammered into my head in business school. Also realizing YouTube analytics is your biggest enemy because it is constantly changing and you have to adapt just as fast.

GD: A lot of creators tell us they struggle with positioning themselves to bigger “marquee” brands for sponsorships. You’ve worked with a number of top companies. How did you build those relationships and establish partnerships?

Enobong: It takes a lot of work, but I try to leverage what I do best and it’s not just numbers. I make it a personal experience from the content I create to the relationship I build with brands. Understanding where your position is as an influencer, while using that to craft a proposal that is attractive to the brand. Sometimes it needs a personal touch, so it doesn’t hurt to pick up the phone and call instead of sending emails back & forth.

GD:  What’s the most ridiculous thing a brand has asked you to do?

Enobong: Nothing too crazy, I won’t mention names, but I had a brand insist I have my review up on Walmart & Costco sites as well, which is something I would not do. Those reviews are meant for customers who purchased the product and not influencers.

GD: What are some of the trends you’re seeing right now with the content platforms? What’s the next big thing?

Enobong: In the short term and for 2017, sponsored one-time deals are all the craze. Beyond that, I see more branding opportunities that are on a continual basis and integrated with top performing influencers who align well with the brand.

GD: How have you seen sponsorships and YouTube change over the past few years?

Enobong: It has increased over the last 3 years and I think 2017 is the year of sponsored deals. I mean from a cost perspective it makes sense to use influencers, because of the rate of return and the low cost.

GD: You’ve been fulltime on BAW for a few years now, which is amazing. What advice would you give to creators who are trying to build their YouTube channel into a full time business?

Enobong: Start thinking like an entrepreneur, take a few business classes if you have to to help with managing and growing your brand. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks on new opportunities & ventures that have a direct correlation to your brand.

GD: Which approach or promotional format do you find is working the best for you and the brands you work with? What results do your sponsor partners typically look for?

Enobong: Partner results vary from deal to deal, so what is important is letting them know ahead of time what you can accomplish. In terms of promotional format, it varies from in Youtube advertising to cross-promotional efforts with fellow influencers.

GD: As a tech channel, I have to ask, what is going to be this year’s hottest tech product?

Enobong: Besides the iPhone 8/ iPhone X & Galaxy S8/ Note 8, the biggest noise made will be from digital assistants like Alexa, Google assistant, Cortana & Siri, as they get big updates throughout the year. Quietly it’s going to be 4K HDR TV, because of the price drop for people to upgrade TV’s from 4 years ago.

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This was a quick, easy, and helpful blog to read. Thank you for sharing!

Laura Picard
Laura Picard

Thanks for reading, Jená!

Josh Rachlis

Thunder E is my new inspiration! I want to have a regular show on YouTube and Facebook. Maybe I should change my name to Lightning J?

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