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Community Tip Tuesday: Don't Delete Your Video!

Happy Tuesday Grapeviners! This week we have a hot topic that many creators seem to be asking us. “I posted the video, got paid, but how long should I keep the video live?” The answer is: forever! Well, as long as YouTube exists. AKA, forever.

If you’ve been following along our #CommunityTipTuesday posts for the last few weeks, you’ve heard everything from “how to find the right sponsorship in our marketplace” to “questions a creator should ask the brand before posting“, along with a handful of other useful tips while you journey through your first sponsorship. As we bring this series to a close (don’t worry, we still have plenty of other Community tips up our sleeves) we wanted to wrap up with, “the importance of keeping your content live” in the land of YouTube. Or to put it simply; don’t delete your video!

Think of sponsorships like this – a brand is paying for the “real estate” in your video. That first 2-3 minute section is paid for by a brand who loves your content and personality so much, they think you’re the best one for the job. You’ve created the video, you were paid, and your audience is lovin’ the content. Depending on the season, YouTube videos can double, even triple in views. Viral videos don’t happen overnight and if you want a shot to have your video end up in the 1 million+ view club, then you can’t delete the video or set it on private.

We (as in Grapevine) require all videos to remain indefinitely live, not only because a brand has paid you to promote a product, but because many of your sponsored posts will be featured in email blasts, on a brand’s social media, and shared internally. Deleting a video can potentially take away all that added exposure that you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Always keep your content live and the sky is the limit for you and your content!

Don’t forget, the Grapevine Community Managers are always watching and if you take a video down, you’ll receive an email from us! Check out some of our favorite viral videos from other Grapeviners!



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