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Communication Is The Key To Success At Grapevine

Listen up Grapeviners! Today we are going to talk about communication. Working in a group toward any common goal always requires a lot of communication. There are always questions, concerns, and new ideas being generated when we run campaigns here at Grapevine. Those conversations are what we learn best from. We want to make every campaign here at Grapevine better than the last. So please don’t be shy here in the Grapevine community, give yourself a voice.

We Love To Hear From You

One of the biggest mistakes a vlogger can make when working on a campaign with Grapevine is to not ask questions. Our community managers LOVE to hear from you. Don’t ever think that we are too busy or you are annoying us with too many questions. There is no such thing as too many questions. No matter how small the concern do not hesitate to ask. It is better to clarify everything before you make your video. Assuming something and then having to go back and change it later will only be frustrating and a waste of time. We want you to be completely prepared before you hit REC.

“You’ve Got Mail”

Although it is no longer 1998 and our computers don’t tell us in a smooth soothing voice, “You’ve Got Mail,” we should still be aware of our inboxes. Our phones are always next to us or in our pockets, which means we have the internet almost everywhere we are. So please Grapeviners, don’t ignore our emails. Even if you have to send us bad news we want to know as soon as possible. If you have to take yourself off a campaign for any reason we won’t hold in against you. We know you are busy, and life happens. Just be honest, the sooner you tell us the sooner we can recover and fill your spot. If you are on a campaign make sure you are available for communication. If you are expecting an email form us and you haven’t received it make sure you check your spam. Sometimes our emails can sadly get lost in your spam folder.

Communication Is Key

Remember the key to Grapevine success is clear communication between the vloggers and the Grapevine Team. We are here to support you. We want your sponsorship experience to be a positive one.

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