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Common Ways To Deal with YouTube Sponsorship Haters

As more YouTubers turn to YouTube sponsorships for their channel a new breed of haters are being spawned: the YouTube sponsorship haters.


It’s important to understand your audience’s tolerance level with YouTube sponsorships, but when a small number of non-constructive viewers are routinely rude about the way you make a living it can becomes a serious issue.

If YouTube sponsorship haters come knocking on your door, don’t fret! Many YouTubers who make a living through YouTube sponsorships have dealt with the h8rs, so here’s 3 ways you can deal with them:

1. Hate your YouTube Sponsorship Haters (not recommended)

One way is to dish the hate right back at ’em. If YouTube sponsorship haters don’t like your sponsored videos, then you don’t like them – and you let them know it! You can your opinion of them in the comment section or Twitter. Or maybe you can go on a rant for your next video about how YouTube sponsorship haters are pointless. However, this reaction is not advisable. Try the next two for better results…

2. Educate your YouTube Sponsorship Haters

Another option is to calmly acknowledge the YouTube sponsorship haters and explain why their hate is misguided. They may not understand the value of YouTube sponsorships and how they help you invest in your channel and content. You can try addressing the subject head-on in a dedicated video to educate all your viewers. Or you can comment directly on the hate to individually educate YouTube sponsorship haters. A combination of the 2 methods may be required for best results. If this doesn’t tackle the problem, try moving on to the next option.


3. Ignore your YouTube Sponsorship Haters


Your last option is to ignore the YouTube sponsorship haters altogether. Face it, this is the internet. There will always be haters in your audience no matter how hard you try to enlighten them. At this point you’re better off ignoring the YouTube sponsorship haters and letting the rest of your audience come to your defense. If you have a loyal fan base, chances are they will stand up to the haters and protect your reputation.



YouTube sponsorship haters can be a real problem, so keeping cool and appropriately addressing the problem is an important skill you’ll need to learn.

Have you dealt with YouTube sponsorship haters before? How did you handle the situation, and what was the outcome?



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