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Class of 2016: The Decision to Join Techstars Boston

As CEO of Grapevine, I have learned a number of things over the last few years, not the least of which is how much harder it is to achieve your vision than it is to simply have one. Our vision at Grapevine is to be the largest and best creator network in the world, period.


It’s the boldness of our vision that wakes me up in the morning. We’ve grown tremendously over the last year from a fully managed business to a leading social influencer platform, from hundreds of creators to tens of thousands, and from a dozen clients to more than a hundred, including many household consumer brand names.


Team Grapevine
Team Grapevine

But it’s also this boldness of our vision that keeps me awake at night wondering how can we grow even faster and seize this huge opportunity in front of us. How can we do this and provide the same level of care to our creators and brand clients at scale? How can we execute faster? How do we continue to compete for the best talent to help us achieve our potential?


Today’s announcement that we have joined Techstars Boston’s 2016 class means we will be surrounded by individuals who have spent a lifetime asking and answering these very questions. We are humbled by the opportunity to leverage this incredible network of entrepreneurs and mentors who want nothing more than to see founders achieve their vision.


I, for one, had always thought of Techstars as a platform for helping great ideas become emerging companies filled with promise. However, as I spoke with Techstars Managing Director, Semyon Dukach, and learned about the more mature companies that have had incredible success with Techstars over the past couple of years, I knew this was the right decision for Grapevine.


Influencer marketing is a new notion for many brands and is a constantly evolving space. It’s our mission to make influencer marketing “less scary” for first-timers – those marketers who understand the value of putting creators to work for their brand, but haven’t yet experienced this success firsthand. We are committed to helping our brand partners become true influencer marketing pros! At the same time, we are dedicated to forging meaningful relationships with the creators in our network to help them build and grow their social channels with Grapevine, turning their passion into a full-time job.


Joining Techstars at this stage of our company means we’ll be able to not only accelerate our growth, but also more quickly realize the full potential of our vision for being the largest and best creator network in the world – that same vision that gets me up every morning!




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