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Cable Management for your Desk: YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #3

As a content creator, your computer is more than just something you use in your free time, and your home work space is not just for leisure. Your desk setup is where you make your content, and ultimately, your living.

Your desk might be in the background or forefront of your shots, and anyone who comes into your home will see it. In last week’s lesson on content planning, we discussed the importance of organization. Cable management is another example of an organizational strategy which will help you stay focused and productive while you’re working on your content. Organizing your cables to de-clutter your work space may seem trivial, but it’s all part of staying organized and motivated.

TechSource knows a thing or two about desk setups. His videos detailing every product he uses to organize his space are pretty legit. In YouTube Life Hacks Lesson #3, he explains the importance and shares his proven methods of cable management.  For a full list of YouTube Life Hacks lessons, click here.

YouTube Hacks: Cable Management ft. TechSource

Which method of cable management do you prefer? How do you organize your desk setup or work space?  Let us know, or even better, be a part of YouTube Life Hacks!




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