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But First, Coffee: Grapevine Community Spotlight

What even is life before coffee? If you can relate, then you have something in common with Kallie (and us here at Grapevine)…coffee! Kallie and her channel, But First, Coffee, is an awesome spot to check out all things beauty and lifestyle. Her videos are so enticing they almost make you feel as if you are hanging with one of your gal pals. We took some time to chat with the newlywed to get her thoughts on life, her channel, and of course, Youtube. Keep reading to hear more about Kallie!

But First, Coffee

What inspired you to get into YouTube?

In 2013, I started a blog. The positive feedback I received from that gave me the courage to start a YouTube channel!

How do you balance other responsibilities and running a YouTube channel?

Lots of planning! Between a full-time job as a manager, running my blog, creating weekly videos on YouTube, and trying to fit life in there too – I’m recently married and have two fur babies (my dogs Austin & Zoe) – my life is hectic. On top of all that, I am constantly emailing with brands and interacting with my followers, so planning is key! I usually map out my weeks based on when I’m going to film, when I’m going to write posts and when I’m going to edit, etc. I also make sure to carve out real life time as well. This could be having date night with my husband, visiting friends, or hiking with my dogs. I think it’s important to take time away from social media.

What do you think your subscribers would say if we asked them why they’re subscribed to you?

I hope they would say it is because I offer them something of substance, but that I do it in a way that is fun. My favorite compliment I get from viewers is that they learned something new but had fun doing it!

How has your content changed since you started your YouTube channel?

My personality comes through a lot more. I think I’m also more in tune with what my audience likes and cater to that more.


Any big plans for this year? What are your channel goals?

Some big plans I can’t reveal just yet! But in the terms of my channel, I just want to continue to create great videos. My goal is to always try to create a video better than the one before it.


What is something your subbies might not know about you?
I actually HATE coffee…haha ONLY JOKING! Hm, I’m pretty much an open book. Maybe that I was sort of a tomboy as a kid. I was never really into girly things. My mom always tells the story about how I never had or wanted a single doll growing up!


Here are some of our favorite But First, Coffee videos!


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