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Build A Strong Youtube Community: Connect Your Audiance

The dictionary definition of community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Does that sound like your Youtube channel? If it doesn’t, it should. Thinking of your channel as a Youtube community is a great way to satisfy your audience. Viewers come to Youtube for authenticity and honesty. So when you create a feeling of a community, the same as a sports team or a school club does, your viewers will be much more receptive. There are simple things that you can do to make your Youtube community closer and stronger.

Listen to the members of your Youtube Community

The comment section under your video is one of the best resources you have. That is honest and free viewer feedback. Make sure you listen to it! If someone has criticism don’t take it offensively, look at it constructively. Allow yourself to learn and also create with your viewers. The comment section is instant feedback that allows you to know exactly what it is your viewers liked and didn’t like so you can tweak your next video to be even better.

Find what makes your Youtube community unique

Why do people want to be part of your Youtube community? What makes your community different from others out there? Why do your viewers keep coming back? These are questions you should be asking yourself. Most likely people are coming back because they feel they can relate to you and the content you talk about.

HelloKaty does a great job connecting with her viewers. In this video she takes the time to sit down and “chat” with her viewers about what’s new. This is a great way to create a strong feeling of community between you and your viewers. With that feeling of community comes loyalty to your channel. It is unique when people feel they are truly connected with you, even though there is a computer screen separating you.

Talk directly to members of your community

One of the best advantages about Youtube is how personal it is. It is so easy to develop a relationship with your viewers. The comments on your videos are a great place to start. Comment back! If you like what someone says, let them know. If you don’t like what someone said, let them know why. As you know the comments you comment back on are put up to the top, so be careful not to create negative conflict. Either way people love to be recognized, and they love to be heard. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your regular viewers outside of the comment section. Use social media or email to tell them individually that you appreciate their comments and their loyalty. Thanking people can go a long way when creating a strong Youtube community. It is important to recognize first timers as well, they will be more likely to return again if you reach out through their comments, let them see what you are all about. Any way you feel comfortable reaching out to your audience is good. To take the time and recognize them will help bring them closer as a group and closer to you, in return creating a strong and loyal Youtube community.

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