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3 Holiday YouTube Influencer Marketing Tips for Brands

It’s the most wonderful time of year for YouTube Influencer Marketing! Not only are the holidays the season of hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, and crisp air; it’s also the harbinger of the endless onslaught of holiday marketing tie-ins and promotions.

During the Holidays, most brands will easily get crushed by their competitors if they can’t keep up. Luckily, Marketing Influencers are here to help. Here are three quick tips for brands to build great influencer marketing collaborations throughout the holidays.

Make it easy on your influencers, be smart with keywords!

When building rockstar holiday campaigns, make sure you’re using the right keywords when building pitch proposals. Think to yourself, what are your customers looking for? What trends are marketing influencers excited about? If you’re a Grapevine Pro user, you can easily filter out the right keywords and influencers using our Discover functionality: 

Powerful YouTube Influencer Marketing Discovery
Quick peak at Grapevine’s powerful Influencer Marketing discovery platform

Grapevine’s Discovery tools are powerful. Filter creators by target age demographic all the way down to specific keywords using the cloud search functionality.

Pitching Influencers is just as important as pitching your product

YouTube and Instagram influencers care about authenticity over all. Creators will only feature brands that they truly and genuinely enjoy. When writing your proposal, think carefully about why influencers will want to be a part of your campaign. Why would they want to be a part your story? Grapevine creators care very much about maintaining a relationship built on trust and authenticity with their subscribers and brands should strive to do the same with their creator partnerships.

Brand page for Youtube Influence Marketing
Brand page for Youtube Influence Marketing

FabFitFun, for example, has an awesome approach. Their guidelines are more relaxed, allowing the influencers they partner with the creativity and freedom they need to build more authentic content that will ultimately drive more visits to your landing pages.

Be Relevant

Influencers want to remain relevant with their audiences; they want to speak to subscriber pains. Instagram and YouTube Marketing is all about mastering the trend. FabFitFun again proves instructive to this. When building a proposal, think about what’s popular — what do customers want to hear, what will your influencers be excited about promoting?  Try adding a holiday or winter spin to your brief. A Pumpkin Spiced themed promotion? A parody of Love Actually? Let your creative flag fly.

Brands like Sue & Daughters have used these tips to great success when running Influencer Marketing campaigns on the Grapevine Platform. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge, try Grapevine today and power your holiday marketing efforts with influencers.

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