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Ashley Elizabeth: Grapevine Community Spotlight

If you are beauty fanatic, then look no further. Ashley Elizabeth creates the perfect medley of beauty tutorials, hauls, unboxing, and girl talk content on her channel. Her witty, happy-go-lucky vibe makes her videos addicting – don’t be surprised if you end up subscribing after watching just one. We caught up with the busy beauty guru to get her thoughts on Youtube, her channel, and life!

Ashley Elizabeth

What inspired you to get into YouTube?

I always wish I had some cool story to tell to answer this question. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch a video that changed my life and suddenly inspired me to start posting videos that helped others. In reality, I was 12 and loved attention. So of course I thought, why not post some crappy videos online for the world to see? I truly believed I would be discovered for my angelic (AKA horrific) singing voice. Clearly a lot has changed on my channel over time. And yes, those singing videos have been removed and lost forever.

How do you balance other responsibilities and running a YouTube channel?

For me, it’s all about staying organized. I’m a big scheduler and list-maker. Currently, my to-do list is broken down into 3 categories (Yes, I’m that intense about my lists). The first category is work, which is everything I have to get done for my channels, podcasts and social media. Next is school – I am in my third year of university to get my psychology undergrad! The final category is social, which is basically to remind me to leave the house once a week so my boyfriend doesn’t call me a hermit.


I am sure there are many people out there that don’t live their life by the way of a schedule they made at 2am the night before, but that is just what happens when I can’t fall asleep at night.

What do you think your subscribers would say if we asked them why they’re subscribed to you?

The main thing I hear from them is that I am a person, not a persona. I think (and hope) they appreciate that I’m very much the same person on and off the camera. I reveal a lot about my life in videos and I love that it creates authentic connections with my viewers.

How has your content changed since you started your YouTube channel?

When I started, I was posting singing videos filmed using my webcam. I quickly learned that I cannot sing. Pretty much everything has changed since then, including the quality of the video and the person making the videos. I look back at those first videos and I feel like it’s an entirely different person featured in them. It is something I’m really thankful for – I get to see how I’ve grown!

What would you say to someone thinking of starting a YouTube channel?

Do it! I’m that annoying friend who tries to get everyone I know to start a YouTube channel because it’s truly the greatest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be as confident, self-assured or outgoing without my channel. And that’s not even beginning to speak on the incredible community I am now a part of or the wonderful audience I have.

Any big plans for this year? What are your channel goals?

I feel as though I’ve been going through my Youtube midlife crisis this year. It’s difficult because a lot of my viewers have grown up with me. This year especially, I’ve been expanding my content past beauty and advice, trying out things that may be entertaining to both me and them. Even though there have been many failures, I’ve now had enough successes to feel as though I’m finally coming out on the other side. I have a better understanding of what this next stage of my channel will be. Goal wise, a billion subscribers would be great. 🙂


Be sure to check out a couple of our favorite Ashley Elizabeth videos below!

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