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Advocate Spotlight: NabelaNoor

There are certain advocates in our network who are an absolute pleasure to work with and produce high-quality content time after time. They maintain consistent and effective communication throughout the advocacy process and just are generally pretty freakin’ amazing. We think that it’s important to recognize these wonderful advocates and put them on blast (in a nice way) with our monthly Advocate Spotlight.


Hey there NabelaNoor! How about a little background on you before we begin? Who are you and how did you begin your Youtube journey?

Well, my name is NabelaNoor, I’m a college grad with my Bachelors degree in Sociology and Spanish, speak 5 languages fluently, and did behavioral therapy for children with behavioral disorders for an outpatient psychiatric facility.

I started out watching beauty videos in college after a messy breakup. I had so much free time on my hands after having my heart broken, and tubs of ice cream and romantic movies just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. So, I spent a lot of time just watching beauty videos. It was the best form of therapy ever. I was super inspired by Youtubers like AndreasChoice & AlbaMayo, both of whom I am close friends with now.

They were confident and driven and different and exotic. I always struggled with embracing my uniqueness, and their videos helped me embrace own my differences. If it wasn’t for those girls, I would’ve never started making videos of my own. I just remember thinking to myself, “If they can do it, so can I.” So I did.

How did you hook up with Grapevine Logic?

One day I received an e-mail from Kim about Grapevine and I initially thought “What the heck is this?”. I responded back on a whim and when Kim responded, she was quirky and sweet and helpful and it just felt very genuine and honest. It didn’t feel like a mass email that was being sent anywhere and everywhere. Kim really made me feel like she was interested in my channel and enjoyed my content. That’s why I decided to give Grapevine a try. And I’ve been a loyal advocate ever since.

The team has continued to send over awesome sponsorship opportunities that have helped me build my portfolio while introducing my viewers to new products and services. You guys communicate so well and really communicate and take care of me, so naturally, I really enjoy working with my Grapevine family.

What are your current obsessions? What are you super into right now?

Oh man, I LOVE dried Mangos. They are like my life right now. I’m also currently super into Scandal. I think I AM Olivia Pope, it’s getting to be a problem.  I’m living this double life in my head.  I’m also super into Orange Is the New Black, Midi-Rings and natural waves during the summer.

Traveling too, I just got back from NYC and I’m heading to LA next month. Oh and I am obsessed obsessed OBSESSED with frozen yogurt. Try the original tart flavor with strawberries, bananas, white chocolate chips and nerds. You can thank me later.

What’s a strange fact about you?

Hmm… well I can’t edit my videos without Law and Order: SVU being on in the background. I love it, it’s just gotta be there.

I love SVU. Mariska Hargitay used to be my biggest celebrity crush.

She still is mine, you’re clearly not as loyal to Mariska!!!

If you could be any breakfast food, what would you be?

I would have to say… Cinnabon cereal, have you ever tried it?

Oh my god yes.

Cinnabon is like my life I LOVE Cinnabon, so Cinnabon cereal is a natural choice. Just anything sweet, so sweet that it makes your head hurt

That represents you? So sweet it makes your head hurt?

*laughs* Yes, absolutely.

What’s your favorite scent of all time? What’s something that’s calming or nostalgic?

Okay so if it smells like a baked good, like any kind of baked good I’m happy. I LOVE the smell of pastries, cupcakes, pies…..

And my Mom makes a really incredible chicken curry. It’s so satisfying when you come home, you walk in the door and the smell is just everywhere… it’s so homey and nice.

My favorite fragrance though would have to be Aqua de Gioia by Giorgio Armani, it’s just so fresh and… clean and elegant. Love it.

Your Favorite interaction with a fan?

So, I’m engaged to an American man. A white American man at that. I talk about it quite a bit on my channel. It can be controversial to many people considering I am from Bangladesh and the norm is arranged marriages. So, one time I had a viewer message me on Youtube thanking me for sharing my story. She had a crush on a white guy, but was rejecting his advances because her family was pressuring her so much to only date people within her own race. She told me that I had given her the courage to just not care what anyone thinks and just go for it. Not in like a “I hate you mom and dad I’ll do what I want” but in a respectful way, a way that understands why they feel the way they do but respectfully disagrees. You don’t want to burn your bridges, but you want your family to understand that you are your own person. It’s a very delicate situation and the fact that I helped her navigate that was incredibly moving to me. There are a ton more, but that’s one that sticks out in my mind.

If my channel allows people to be more confident, more daring and more courageous, then I’m doing my job. I love this job for this very reason.

What’s a movie that makes you cry?

Okay you’re going to think this is weird but… The Croods. I was in absolute hysterics.

Ha ha ha, Why?

No, hear me out. *SPOILERS* The scene near the end when the dad says goodbye to his family and thinks he’s sacrificing himself to save them… I was bawling my eyes out. My fiancé just looked at me and laughed a bit. He knows I have a very soft heart and my emotions can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.

So, definitely the Croods. That’s the last movie I cried in at least. We’ll be sure to check that out. Well, thanks for chatting with us today Nabela!    

Need more Nabela? Check out her channel here!


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