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Adding YouTube Advocates to Your Marketing Mix

It’s official. YouTube creators are more influential to millennials than A-list celebrities. As a result, brands and their agencies are aggressively looking for solutions that allow them to connect and work with YouTube advocates to drive exposure, conversation, and (most importantly) action. Below are some of the ways a well executed Advocate Marketing strategy can benefit your brand.

Highly Trusted Third Party Content

Advocates have a strong command of three essential skills that can be powerful for your brand. First, they are product experts in their respective niche. Second, they are highly trusted by their loyal viewers. Third, they have massive reach. When you combine these attributes the outcome is evergreen content that has incredibly high engagement and trust associated it.

Measurable Outcomes

We have seen time and time again that YouTube is a high performing channel for customer acquisition. Our most recent internal numbers showed that the average Grapevine campaign delivered a click-through rate higher than 5% across the board to signup or checkout pages for clients.

YouTube as a Key Driver of Traffic

We recently kicked off a campaign for an online retailer. In the first 48 hours we delivered more than 50,000 unique visits and continue to deliver a consistent flow of web traffic. When you’re working with numerous advocates you can achieve large traffic volumes similarly to other paid advertising alternatives.

Useful data insights

There’s also the ability to pull in some amazing data on your audience when working through a marketing partner. This data includes age, gender, location, earned media, and performance metrics (CPC/CPA) on the individual advocate level. These insights can also be applied to other marketing campaigns to improve performance.

In Summary

Advocate marketing is not simply another avenue for social media. It is a proven and cost effective marketing channel for brands that want to drive customer acquisition while building trust with their target audience. To learn more about advocate marketing visit Grapevine andfollow us on LinkedIn.


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