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5 Tips on How To Get Sponsored on YouTube

5 Tips on How To Get Sponsored on YouTube

Getting sponsored on YouTube can feel challenging, but there are some keys to helping you build a good relationship with a brand that you want sponsorship from and helping them understand the value of your channel and your audience.

  1. Understand and explain how your audience and niche fits with the brand and it’s goals.
  2. Create content that shows a potential sponsor what you can do for them
  3. Consider creating a pitch video for any brands that they may want to sponsor you and make it unlisted
  4. Know your numbers, know core data and demographics about your YouTube channel (age, gender, location of your viewers)
  5. Views on a specific type of video might be more important to brands than you overall subscriber count
Make sure the brand knows what is in it for them. Many creators lead with things that only benefit them and what they want to do when communicating with brands. These are businesses and it makes more sense to try to ask questions about what they are trying to accomplish and then provide answers as to how you can help them.

By creating content that will appeal to both your audience and potential brands, well before you ever start pitching, you are setting yourself up for success. This will get you comfortable with reviewing products and getting feedback on them from your audience. This will also make you less of a risk to brands and show your ability to advocate for products.

Creating a pitch video that is general and talking about what you can offer a brand, sharing key facts about your audience and showing some samples of your production capabilities, can go a long way to helping a brand decide if you’re the right fit, and can save them time in hunting down your videos or looking and ones that don’t help you or them.

Know your numbers cold. Understand what numbers might matter most to a brand and give them that information as early in the conversation as you can. This helps them understand if this will be a worthwhile relationship and can make your more competitive than someone who just has a lot of subscribers that may not be the “right” subscribers or views they are looking for.

Views matter more than subscribers in most cases. Subscribers mean it is more likely or reliable that you have a large reach, but proven results count for a lot too. If you are going to be able to get more views than someone with a larger audience, presenting that can be very important and even an advantage of getting sponsors. Let’s also remember that views are what grow subscribers in the first place.

These tips are not all there is to gaining sponsorship, but they are a solid foundation for helping you understand how to appeal to brands, while still making sure you provide the appropriate value for your audience.

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