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5 Tips For Being a Better Grapevine Advocate

We work hard here at Grapevine. Real hard.


For our advocates. We love our advocates like we love our own children.

Okay, so we don’t have any children. But that doesn’t mean we love you any less! So know that it’s a labor of love when we get out of bed in the morning, come into the Grapevine office and make this whole advocate/brand-relationship process as easy as possible for you.  Seriously, we would be fine just going back to sleep. I still might. Just kidding.

Or am I?*

So in the spirit of making things easy for you, here’s 5 things you should keep in mind when preparing a new piece of content for Grapevine!

1. Be Yourself!

You. Yeah you. You’re beautiful and wonderful and unique because you’re you.  You weren’t selected because you’re like everyone else, you were selected because you’re unique. We like your personality and swagger and style-  don’t hide it just because you’re promoting a product! Your talking points aren’t a script, jazz it up a little! Now, this ain’t a license to be dropping F bombs here and there and talking about the intelligence or BMI of people’s mamas, but when you’re uncomfortable when talking about a product you sound like a talking robotic head and your audience can tell. You’re not here to sell products, you’re here because your audience values your opinion and you want them to only get the best products possible . Don’t let the pressure of a brand relationship throw off your groove. You got this!

“Believe in yourself, that’s the place to start.” – Arthur Theme Song

2. Pick campaigns that work for you AND your audience.

Taking on way too many campaigns is a good way to make sure you lose viewers. We know you probably want as much work as humanly possible but think of it this way: if your favorite channel suddenly started showing Golf for 18 hours a day, would you still watch it? Probably not. Unless your favorite channel is the golf channel in which case, ignore that last example. Pick campaigns that not only work for you and but also deliver some kind of benefit to your audience. We want to show them the value of the product so they can make a confident, informed purchase decision – not shove product down their throat while screaming “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!”  If you’re unsure about what your audience would be interested in, experiment a little. Do a few campaigns and talk to us about them. We’ll let you know what was clicked on and what wasn’t to help you further build content that is pertinent to your audience!

3. Communication is Key.

Imagine if you will: You are selected for a campaign featuring a new kind of body butter. You get a tub in the mail filled with actual butter. DO NOT MAKE A VIDEO FEATURING THE ACTUAL BUTTER. And certainly don’t put it on your skin (unless you’re into that sort of thing.) Let us know if there has been a mistake and we’ll do everything we can to correct it. Nobody is happy if you have the wrong product. If you have questions, concerns, comments or you just want to chat – EMAIL US. We’re real live actual people and we respond super fast since… well that’s why we’re here! Don’t like the product we send you? Let us know. Seriously, we won’t be mad. We definitely don’t want you to make a video of you pretending to like a product you hate. I’m reminded of a famous quote:

“Pretending to like a product in a video misinforms your audience and makes everyone blind.” –Ghandi (Or something like that.)

4. Follow the Technical Guidelines.

It varies from campaign to campaign but generally, the rules of thumb when featuring products is:

  1. Make sure the video featuring the product is 2-3 minutes long.
  2. Featuring the product in the first 2-3 minutes
  3. Put the Bitly link we provide you in the top of the description box.

That’s it. That’s all. Boom. Bang. It’s over. It’s done. Congratulations. You did it!

We need that particular link in the description to track how well the video is doing. It tells us how many people are interested in the product and some information about them.  Remember what we said before about letting you know what your audience is into? This is the link that gives us all that info. It helps us, it helps the brands, it helps your audience and most importantly it helps YOU. Don’t forget that little link please.

5. Don’t Put the Product in Name the Title

You’re not making an infomercial. None of this “There’s got to be a better way!” shlocky  salesmenship. When you’re scrolling through the channels at 4Am and you saw a program titled “Oxyclean: Your Solution to Everything,” would you watch it? Unless you’re a hardcore Billy Mays fan, probably not (RIP Billy Mays.) Involve the product in your video in an innovative and interesting way, don’t make a video just about the product. Of course we want to hear about how much you like it, but we don’t need you to sell it. Audiences trust and value your opinion. Not the Sham-Wow guy.  Do you trust the Sham-Wow guy? Probably not. Look at him. You don’t need to be a salesman/woman. Just be you. 🙂

 *I am.


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