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5 New Features Available With Grapevine Creator Cards

You’ve heard about Grapevine Creator Cards, perhaps you’ve even taken a peek at the changes on the Grapevine platform. Wondering what’s different now versus before? Here’s our download of what you need to know – the 5 new features available with Grapevine Creator Cards.

1) Flippable Creator Cards with Quick Stats

Grapevine Creator CardsFinding the right creator for your campaign can be tricky. Now, simply click on a creator’s name to flip it over and see the stats you need to make an educated decision. This view also includes a new field – resides in. You asked, we answered. We know it’s important to know where a creator lives so you can ship your product to them/work with them etc. View this information plus more with one easy click. Full creator stats are also still available via clicking the “View Full Profile” button on this view.


2) It’s Not a Fit: Denying Creators

Grapevine Creator CardsIt’s a conversation no one ever wants to have, but also a necessary one at times. If a creator applies to your campaign and they just aren’t the right fit, let them know! Simply click the X in the top right corner of their card and select why their proposal doesn’t hit the nail on the head this time. *Pro Tip: We recommend chatting with creators to let them know why you’re declining their proposal – it helps to build a relationship (JIC for next time) and also gives our creators helpful tips to consider for the future!


3) Where Am I? Campaign Progress Bar

Grapevine Creator CardsWhen you choose to work with Grapevine, you know we’re here to guide you through the process of finding, booking, managing and analyzing the best creators for your brand. Now, as you flip through your Creator Cards, know exactly how far you are in the process of getting your creator videos live with the progress bar.


4) New Tab View: In Process

Before, we compiled all of your creator relationships in one view. A single page included creators you had invited to your campaign, those who had sent you a proposal and creators who were booked. With Grapevine Creator Cards, we now have 3 tabs available – Proposals, In Progress and Live content. Proposals will now only include invited creators or creators who have proposed a video. In Progress will include creators who are booked, but have not posted a video live. Live content will include creators only once their video has been approved and posted. This view will help you improve your workflow and keep your creators organized!

creator cards


5) I’m a Laggard, I Want my Old View Back!

Grapevine Creator Cards

Change isn’t for everyone, and sometimes it takes a little time to get used to something new. If you fall into this category and need a little time to familiarize yourself with Creator Cards, no worries! We’ve got your back. Simply toggle using the graphics in the upper right corner of the proposals tab to view your proposed and invited creators in a table format.

Now that you’re a pro at Grapevine Creator Cards, get to it!


What do you think about Grapevine Creator Cards? Tell us in the comments below! We listen to¬†influencer marketing pros and do our best to build the most comprehensive and reliable platform available. Have an idea for our next iteration? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!





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