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5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Youtube Audience

Whether you are new to the world of Youtube or you have had a Youtube presence for years, there is one thing that everyone has in common. Everyone wants a continuously growing audience. There are many tips and tricks to achieving a wider viewership, but sometimes its better to take it back to basics. The obvious things are sometimes the most overlooked. So make a new checklist and make sure to double check it. Here are a few starting points to get you on a new approach toward gaining a bigger Youtube audience.


1. Give Your Channel A Spruce


The look of your channel is extremely important. It is important to make a good first impression, especially on the internet. When it is as easy as clicking a back button, you want to make sure your image grabs your audience’s attention. With that being said, make sure you stay true to yourself, learn how to deal with any haters that may come along. Do not change the image of your channel to what you think a viewer will want to see. Make sure it reflects the content of your videos. You don’t want to be in anyway misleading toward a viewer, they will not appreciate it. You want the viewer to stick around because they like what makes you and your content unique. So make sure you design your channel thoughtfully and you stay true to yourself. Make it interesting and do it on purpose.


2. Film In Various Locations


Another great way to keep your Youtube audience interested and loving your content is to shoot in different locations. It is the perfect way to spice things up and even get a viewer to share your video with a friend. Make sure your location make sense with the content of you video. In other words don’t shoot a video outside on a beautiful sunny day and talk about your favorite DIYs for a rainy saturday afternoon. Have fun with it, but don’t add pressure to a new location, if it works it works. A slight change in location is a great way to keep your Youtube audience interested, and wanting more.


3. Make Sure to Remind Your Youtube Audience to Subscribe


This is something that is very affective, and continuously forgotten. Your Youtube Audience may like your videos, they may remember you, they may even become a regular viewer but that does not mean they have subscribed to your channel. All it may take is a simple reminder at the end of your video. It would also be very effective to put a call-to-action up on the screen for your audience to be able to “click to subscribe.” A great tool is there you can create a link, set goals, and track it’s click through rate. It is a great resource for any Youtube channel.


4. Encourage Social Media


Just like you need to remind people to subscribe, you need to remind your Youtube Audience to check out your social media links. Step one, make sure social media links, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are there and make sure they are up to date. You don’t want viewers clicking on links that bring them to out dated social media accounts. Step two, make sure you remind people to click on them. Social media outlets are a great way to form a closer relationship with your audience. They can get to know you better, and you can interact with them. If you notice a viewer is regularly commenting on your accounts don’t be afraid to comment back. The more they spread your name on social media the more viewers you get to your page. Step three, regularly post links to your Youtube channel on your social media accounts. Tweet your most popular videos, talk about comments people left under your videos, and make sure to include your link. This will go a long way in increasing your audience.


5. Be Consistent


Make sure you are consistent with your Youtube channel, not only with the content and identity of your video, but with a schedule for posting your videos. Think about your favorite television show, or music artist. It is always exciting to look forward to the release sate of a weekly show or a new album. Look forward to your favorite TV show when you are hitting the 2:30 drag, can be the perfect pick me up. Knowing you can come home make dinner and turn on you favorite drama is comforting. Give your Youtube audience something to look forward to. Leave them wanting more, but don’t leave them waiting.


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